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Reading lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS will have a reading comprehension about magicians. They will work out how magic isn't real and is just a trick. They will be introduced to new words and terminologies related to the topic.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, detailed and scan reading practice using a text about The tricks of the trade of magic in the context of Secrets

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Conversations and sharing opinions with peers in the context of Secrets: The tricks of the trade of magic


Lead-in (8 minutes) • To introduce the context and provide an effective warm-up

1. I will start the lesson by asking the SS a question: Do you believe in magic? then I will elicit answers from the SS 2. I will perform a simple magic trick to stimulate their interest in the topic. I will ask a student to be my assistant to help me 3. After finishing the trick, my the student playing the assistant role will ask three questions to the students: Does the teacher have magic powers? Is it fun to watch magic tricks or not? Do you want to know how it is done or not?

Pre-reading vocabulary (7-10 minutes) • To familiarize SS with some difficult vocab they would encounter while reading the text and ease the comprehension process

I will present the selected vocabulary from the text through an anecdote of the magic trick I will be performing. My strategy here is eliciting all the words from the students.1 1. I will draw the magic trick on the board 2. I will write the words on the board and try to elicit the answers 3. I will drill the words ICQs: I want you to help me complete my story using these words, even if you don't know some of the words, keep on guessing CCQs: Will you be writing a story? No Will you tell me which word to choose? Yes Do you have to guess only one word? No CCQs for the vocabulary part: 1.Do we make a magic trick?No 2. Does vanish mean something "visible" or "invisible"? invsible 3. When I reveal a secret, does it mean everyone will know it?Yes 4. Is a traitor an honest person or a liar?

Gist reading (6 minutes) • SS should be able to determine the main idea of the text

SS will be asked to come up with a title for the text after reading it. The title shouldn't exceed 5 words. ICQs: Now you will read the text and try to find a title composed of only 5 words. CCQs: Are you going to read to fill in the blanks?No Is the title going to be specific ?No , general Can you write 4 words in the title?Yes Then SS will stand up and choose someone to share answers with. After they finish, I will ask them to post their answers on the board. If there aren't many SS, I will ask them to share their answers in pairs

Intensive reading (8 minutes) • SS should be able to read the text intensively and answer the questions

I designed two questions to be answered and they need intensive reading. ICQs: Now you are going to read the text to answer two questions. Read the questions first then find their answers in the text. CCQs: Are you going to read to answer 3 questions? Do you need to read the details? after the SS finish, they will check their peers answers and then WCFB will be conducted and I will ask them to provide evidence from the text.

Scan reading (10 minutes) • To scan the text for specific information

SS will scan the text to answer T/F questions. ICQs: Read the text again and answer whether these statements are T/F and don't forget to correct the false sentence. CCQs: 1. Are you going to correct the false statements?Yes 2.Are you working with your pairs? No FB: one of the students will play the teacher's role and write the answers on the board and then discuss them with the SS

Confirming predictions (3 minutes)

After this stage, I will refer to the title the SS have written in the gist reading stage and try to confirm their predictions

Freer practice (5 minutes) • To personalize the text topic with the students' lives and experience

SS will be asked to choose one of three magic tricks: Cutting people in half, Pulling rabbits out of a hat and making people vanish. I will display some pics to clarify the tricks and ask them to answer the following question: If you were a magician , which trick would you do and why? CCQs: Are you going to imagine a situation ?Yes Are you going to choose two tricks? No

Contingency plan (2 minutes) • backup plan in case I finished early than expected

I will make the SS watch a video about a coin vanishing magic prank and ask them to guess how the magic trick was performed

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