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Copy of PW3 U9 LESSON A- 18.07.2018
B2 level


In this lesson SS will practice reading for gist, reading for specific information and intensive reading skills by a text about the future of common languages.


Abc Summary Comp./ Reference HO
Abc Post-Vocab. Discussion Qs PPT
Abc Padlet Presentation
Abc Speed-reading HO
Abc Pathways3 Unit 9 Lesson A
Abc Summary Comp./ Reference HO

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about the future of English in the context of languages

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in a pair discussion in order to use the vocabulary in the context of languages


1. Speaking (10-13 minutes) • to provide accuracy for the vocabulary and fluency

T shows the post-vocabulary discussion questions ppt on OHP. SS work in pairs to ask and answer the questions . After each question they share their ideas with the whole class then switch partners.

2. Pre-reading/Skimming (4-5 minutes) • to provide prediction of the topic of the text

SS read the options about the main idea of the text on p. 190 ex.D. They make a prediction about the main idea and choose the best option by only reading the title and the captions and looking at the photos. They compare their answers with their partners. Later they skim the text quickly to see if their predictions were right. WC FB is given.

3. Reading for Gist (6-8 minutes) • to provide reading for the main idea

SS work individually to match the main ideas on p.194 ex. A to the paragraphs in the text by skimming for gist. They are given 6 minutes. WC FB is given.

4. Reading for Specific Information (10-12 minutes) • to provide scanning for details in the text

SS read the Qs in ex. B p.194 to decide which paragraph they can find the answer to the question. Then, They go to padlet to write their answers to questions in pairs. T projects the answers after SS finish. WC FB is given.

5. Intensive Reading/ Scanning (7-8 minutes) • to provide deeper understanding of the text

T passes on the Summary comp. HO SS first fill in the gaps in the summary by intensive reading. T models how to do this type of activity with SS. SS do the rest of the exercises. They compare their answers with their partners. Later, they scan the paragraphs in the text to find the words that the pronouns refer to.

6. Vocabulary Match (5-6 minutes) • to check comprehension of the vocabulary from the text

SS are put in 5 groups. The game has 2 stages. The first stage is at the end of Summary comp HO and the second one is on p. 195 Ex.C SS are given time to choose the correct answer by reading the sentence in the text where the target word is used. Later they write their answers on a board and raise the boards at the same time. The group with most correct answers win.

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