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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will be dealing with the vocabulary they need to describe personality traits of a different jobs. They will also have a brief understanding about the relative pronouns and how they are used in the class. During this lesson they will practice speaking a little bit that is also of great importance.


Abc matching handouts
Abc matching handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide the studetns with the vocabulary needed to do describe personality traits that is needed for jobs
  • Vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking, Listening, Writing
  • To better learn and use the target language


Lead in • To generate interest in the vocabulary of personality traits needed for the different jobs

I am going to show them a video and ask them what it is about and where is it taking place. Students are not going to see the video they will just hear the sound of it. he then goes with what quality you need to have for this job and gets to the presentation vocabulary part.

Exposure • To introduce the target language via the listenig

Students will be given handouts on which they will be asked to put the topics in the order they hear them.

Highlighting target language • to highlight the target language which is about the qualities needed for a job

Teacher is going to try to elicit the vocabulary that they heard in the last part which was the listening. Teacher does it with the CCQs because they have listened to the vocabulary in the last part so I think it is not probably needed to make some pictures on the board.

practice • To model and provide controlled practice of the vocabulary they have just been taught

In this part students will be given handouts on which they will be asked to do a matching task. They will be asked to do it with their pair. They will check their answers with the other pairs of the group.

produce • To get students to use the vocabulary they learned in a speaking context with relative clauses

Students will be paired and they will be asked to come to the board and one student will be facing the W.B and the other one is not going to look at the white board. The one looking at the white board will explain the activity and the one who is back should guess what job it is. They will be provided with the first part of the sentence and they just need to put the words in the right place. They will do it one at a time so the teacher can little by little get rid of the parts of the sentence and get them to make the complete sentence themselves.

practice 2 • To provide students with a freer activity that can help them better use the language and to give them feed back and error correction

Students will be asked to write about their favorite job and what they need to have and have to be to be good for a job. They will be asked to write at least three sentence.

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