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Daily activities, Prepositions of time and place.
B2 level


In this lesson students will learn vocabulary about daily routines through vocabulary S based activities and improve their reading and listening skills throughout a prepared reading activity about daily life of a chef. Then students will practice grammar 'Prepositions of time and place'. They will read the text containing various prepositions of time. They will then have tasks related to text and what they have learned in MFP. And finally, they will have a chance to practice them in controlled, and free practice.


Abc Preposition of time and place worksheet

Main Aims

  • To provide vocabulary related to daily activities.
  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about a chef’s daily life.
  • To provide clarification and practice of prepositions of time in context of daily activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about a chef’s daily life.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ask students to listen to an audio about daily activities and do the exercises 1a in the book and discuss it in pairs

Test #1 (5-10 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

(For this stage, last session i told the students to write a writing about their “daily activities” and bring it to the class as a homework.) Then give each Ss writing of another Ss and ask them to stand up,move around the class and try to find who the writing belongs to by asking each other questions about their daily activities.

Teach (10-15 minutes) • To clarify areas of the target language where students had difficulty in the first test stage

Provide a simple clarification of the words that the Ss find them difficult.- -Drill each difficult word. -Ask Ss some CCQs to make sure that they get the meaning.

Task (3-6 minutes)

Do the exercises 2 in the book and prepare students for the reading part.

Pre- Reading (2-5 minutes)

Asking students what they think about a chef’s routine life in different times of the day. Giving them the reading and letting them read it quickly. Having a WC feedback

While-Reading (10-15 minutes)

Ask the ss go Do the exercises 3a and 3b meanwhile explaining the unfamiliar words in the reading,

Post-Reading (10-15 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to text and expand on what they've learned

Ask the students to the part c (communications) of the reading and pairs.

Post Reading #2 (5-10 minutes)

Do the part d of the reading exercises which is a listening activity ask students to fill in the blanks.

Feedback (2-5 minutes)

Give Ss feedback about the previous task. And give them the “preposition of time and place worksheet” as a homework for the next session.

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