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Teaching Practice 4
Elementary/A2 level


In this lesson, students will practice receptive skills - reading, and also learn some new lexis - adjectives. First,some essential vocabulary will be pre-taught, followed by reading for gist and activity practicing this skill. Then sts will read and answer the questions connected to the text -reading for detail. Later on as it's jigsaw reading they will work in pairs answering questions about each other's text - post reading stage. Then sts will be asked to underline adjs in their texts, this will be followed by matching opposites task. Meaning and pronunciation of some adj will be drilled. Finally, sts will perform speaking activity that requires using learnt adjs.


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Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking and adjectives


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • to prepare the sts for the reading, to set the context

I ll try to convey the meaning of competition by giving local example (survivor,o ses turkiye), to be sure the students understood I will ask CCQ: do you or your friends enter competitions? what things do people win in competitions? these questions will also set a context for the text. I will aslo pre-teach loser and winner (showing a photo).

Reading for gist (4-5 minutes) • to give students practice in reading for gist, to make a prediction

I will ask sts to read first paragraph and discuss in pairs wether the reading will be about losers or winners. FB: I will ask CCQs to check if they understood the text: do many people enter competitions every year? (yes) Do many people win?(no)

reading for specific information, jigsaw reading (10-11 minutes) • to practice detailed reading, to practice speaking

First I introduce sts to the characters: Jim and Sandra, competition winners. I will divide class in two halves, A and B. One half reads about Jim, the other one about Sandra. Then they answer the questions about their characters. After that, A and B work together in pairs and ask same questions about each other's characters. FB: peer check, WC check.

scanning text (12-15 minutes) • to find adjectives

First I ll write a sentence on the WB: I stayed in a very expensive hotel. I will ask students to point an adjective in this sentence. I will also pre-teach some of the adjs from the text. Then I will ask students to scan the text and underline all the adjectives. I ll give them a number - 20. I will give sts HOs with adjectives from the reading, I will ask them to match opposites

speaking (10-12 minutes) • to practice using TL

I will demonstrate instructions: each st gets a different picture. There is a description written on each of the pictures e.g. a beautiful woman. Sts mingle chestholding their pictures if they get the right description from the other st they swap their pictures and continue. FB: I will take notes while monitoring and perform WC error correction at the end of the lesson.

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