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pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn the vocabulary related to the wedding and they will discuss their ideas about it.The lesson starts with the wedding march they Will listen it and speak about the things about marriage .Ss will share their ideas about it. They will see the pictures related to weddding ceremony and they will get familiar with the vocabulary through the pictures. This is followed by matching activity where students match the words with the pictures. Then there is a PW activity that they are going to find the definitions of the words . Finally they are going to have speaking practice. They will ask and answer the detailed questions about the the wedding they have been to.


Abc Straightforward PreInt SB Unit 4B pg. 38 ex , 1,2,3,4 PPT
Abc A song , PPT, HO

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practise vocabulary related to wedding.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practise in speaking for fluency


Warmer Leading (8-10 minutes) • To introduce the vocabulary about wedding and provide them to speak about it.

Warmer / Lead-in : (10 min.)T Will open the most common wedding march; they listen it then she asks 'what does it reminds to them' .She asks the simple questions about wedding for ex. Are you Married? And give them opportunity to speak.

Pre-speaking and vocabulary (5-8 minutes) • To make the students get familiar with the subject

Pre -speaking and vocabulary : (5-10)min.)Opens PPT which includes the pictures about the wedding and also the Words in the first exercise. Show the pictures and Elicit the words like, bride, groom, ring,..

Speaking and Vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • To provide them speak about the subject with the related vocabulary

Speaking and Vocabulary : (20 min.)Ss do vocabulary matching acitivity. T opens the Second PPT and explain the New Words about the wedding .They speak about the pictures and Words related to the following activity.In the activity they have PW ,they Will find the definitions of some Words. They Will check the answers at the end.For the last activity they have one more PW , they Will ask and answer the questions to each other about a wedding they have Attended .T randomly asks some Pairs to do the activity to the Whole class.

post speaking and vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • to give students practise in speaking for fluency

At the end T shows some funny pictures and Words about wedding and ask their ideas about these. As a whole in this lesson Ss Will talk as much as they can.

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