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A2 level


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE for Meeting People

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy in SPEAKING and LISTENING


Stage 1: Lead-in- IceBreakers (5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

-Ball Game (IceBreaker): Material: a ball or a likely item. -Ss and T make a circle in the middle of the class. T chooses an adj for herself which starts with the same letter of her name and encourages ss to choose one for themselves. -T holds the ball and says her adj and name, throws it to another student. Ss repeat -Second, T holds the ball and says the adj and name of the opponent student whom she'll throw the ball and throws it. Ss repeat. Game goes on until everyone threw the ball at least for once.

Stage 2: Preview of the picture (1 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the target language

-Draw ss' attention to the picture in Exercise 1 pg.4 and elicit the answers of the the following questions: -" Who are the people?" -" Where are they?" (Elicit they are in the classroom) -" How old are they?" -" What are they talking about?"

Stage 3: Useful Language (4 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

- Exercise 2: Refer ss to the incomplete dialogue and ask pairs to repeat it, ignoring the gaps, to find out what ss are talking about in the dialogue.(Elicit they are introducing each other) -Play the track 1.02 (41 min) and ss complete the dialogue. O/C FB -Play the track again and stop after each sentence, ss repeat.

Stage 4: Pronunciation Practice (5 minutes) • To introduce ss letters and sounds in alphabet

- Exercise 5: Play the track 1.04 (1.24 min), ss listen and repeat the alphabet (Emphasize the pronunciation of more difficult letters) - Exercise 6: Point out to the phonetic symbols at the top of each column and say the sounds for the class - Pairs do the task and complete the chart. ( If ss need play the track again) O/C FB

ALPHABET GAME (OPTIONAL) (6 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice alphabet

-Write the alphabet on the board and tell the ss a lexical, g animals -Divide class into 2 groups give them different coloured pen -One person from each group runs up to the board and writes ONE word in that lexical set (starting with one of the letters) -They then give the pen to another group member. This continues until the ss can't think of any more words -Rules: -Only one student from each team should be standing at one time and there can only be one word for each letter -The winning team is the one with the most words on the board in their colour.

Stage 5: Listening: Practice of Countries and Letters (4 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice Introducing People and letters in Alphabet

-Exercise 8: Draw ss' attention to four photos and ask which of the people looks friendliest -Point out the list of the countries and explain the task -Play track 1.05 ( 1.41 min). Ss do the task alone, check in pairs. Play the track second time O/C FB (Help ss in spelling the letters of the names)

Stage 6: Controlled Practice- Speaking (5 minutes) • To enable ss practice target productive skills

-Exercise 9: Pair ss or divide them into groups of 3. Refer the to the dialogue in Exercise 2 - Explain that they're going to practice the dialogue, changing the words in blue with replacing their own information -Do a demo with one student on the board (optional)-( Pay attention to intonation) -Monitor and help if necessary

Stage 7: Free Practice- DRAMA (15 minutes) • To enable ss produce the target language

- Divide ss into groups of 3 and tell them to come together as a group - Ask them to choose a different name and country and ask each of the ss " What is your name and where are you from?" or " What is your name and what is your nationality" (Emphasize on the difference between a country and nationality, exp: 'I am from Italy', ' I am Italian) - Ask ss to introduce themselves to their groupmates -Open the slideshow of different sports and ask ss " What are you good at?" -Make ss tell each other what they are good at and make them ask the question "What about you?" -Tell ss that they are in a sports conference and open the next slideshow of different countries. Ask groups to choose a country for meeting. One student form each group announce their country to whole class - Open the next slideshow of different months and make groups choose a month for the meeting. Again a speaker of each group announce their month -Open the next slide of different places to go and ask groups to choose a place to go in the evening. -Open the next slide of saying goodbye and tell the groups it's time to leave and make them say their groupmates " Nice to meet you" in a sad voice. -Open the final slide of friends and tell ss that they meet again months later in another conference with the same group members. Ask them to ask each other "How are you?" -Ask ss to remember each other's name and country "How are you Penelope from Brazil?" -Throughout the activity monitor and pay attention to fluency.

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