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Beginner level


In this lesson we begin with saying basic phone numbers and transition into using the individual numbers as pairs.


Abc How old is she handout
Abc Cleberity photos
Abc Chinese Number Hand Singnals
Abc Double Digit Numbers
Abc -ty vs -een
Abc Handout
Abc Numbers Gap Fill

Main Aims

  • To provide a context to practice numbers both single and double digit

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a basic usage of phrase "I think"
  • To provide review of Number to describe age
  • To provide fluency in describe ages.


Quick Review from Face2Face Page 20 (3-5 minutes) • Review number in S centered way

Ss will model activity each be given a set of cards with numbers. Each Ss will be given on set of cards and will take the cards 1 at time and say the numbers. T will model with strong S a game. T will reveal a Card and SS will say it in English. T will passively monitor and watch for common pronunciation errors.

Guess their Age (3-5 minutes) • Activate the language

T will post pictures of well know people. T will Post Picture of President Trump and write on the board two stick figures standing holding the two number representing the written age. 1. Trump 70 2. Ajda Pekkan 70 3. Mustafa Sandel 46 4.Tarkan 44 I+think+he/she/it+is+ number.

Ty vs. teen (5-7 minutes) • Practice listening and activate the ear to hear the difference.

The T will write on the board 40 and 15. Below the T will but the card and Choral drill the numbers. 40 and Fifteen, T will model the activity with a strong student by saying the word fifteen. The teacher will hold up the fifteen card. Then the student will say 40. The SS will hold up the -ty. The teacher will repeat each Audio twice and have SS hold up. Ask SS where they hear the strong sound in each word.

Spell it out - Gap fill (10-15 minutes) • Provide controlled spelling practice for the spelling of numbers.

T will divide the board into three smaller spaces or provide paper if their is not enough space. T will write on the board 5 Gap fill as follows. 1. F_ft_ _n 2. _l_v_n 3. Tw_nt_ 4.N_n_ty-f_ _r 5. T_n T will model with number 5 using a strong student. After that give S the word sheet and allow them 5 minutes to finish the worksheet. Model a similar game with a strong SS where they say a number and the other S spells it.

Photo. Bomb (10-12 minutes) • Review language of people for listening

T will give SS worksheet folded to show the photo of the family. Give Ss 2-3 minutes to put the number in the correct Give Board the structure from earlier S/He +is+ It+is+ I+am The + noun + is + number + years old Or After Ss finished HO have them open the sheet and show them 7b. Let them guess the ages of the people and things in the photo for 1 minute and play the audio twice, Feedback

Review (10-15 minutes) • Activate new TL in real world context.

T will flip open HO, T will and do excercises 10 T will rebroad the language " I+think+he/she/it+is+ number. FB

Flexi-Stage (7-10 minutes) • Review number in S centered way and

T will write 1-10 on the board T will post 6 9 and 10 from the Chinese numbers and allow Ss to Guess

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