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intermediate level


In this lesson students learn about newspaper vocabulary through a text and by doing gap-fill exercise. They even work on the vocabularies by answering some questions and talking about them.


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Abc gap-fill exercise
Abc T/F sentences
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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary of newspaper

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading for detail and Speaking (freer)


Lead in (10-12 minutes) • to eliciting the topic from the Ss and make them ready for the vocabulary

T shows students some pictures of newspaper and elicits the topic of lesson. And asks them to name some newspapers in other countries and their country in their groups and then gets feedback. T gives gap-fill HO to Ss to pre-teach the vocabularies of "Did you know?" reading ,and wants them to do it in pairs and then check it with their group. T gets FB by checking the answers. Then T gives them the T/F statements and wants them to guess the answers in groups. T hands out the reading "Did you know?" and asks them to check the T/F statements again to know the correct answers. And asks them if they were surprises by anything? And then discusses the questions after the text with the W/C.

Focus on vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • to get Ss to brainstorm vocabulary related to newspaper

T draws a mind map on the W/b and puts the word newspaper on the middle and draws spokes leading to circles for the following sub-headings-" people who work on newspapers" , "things in a newspaper" , "sections of newspaper" , "words to describe newspapers"- and T elicits some of the words and writes on the board. T divides Ss into 4 or 5 groups.T gives each group one sub-group and gets them to brainstorm words connect to their category about newspaper. 1s in each group acts as a secretary. Then T gets a S from each group to write their words on the W/b. Then T wants Ss to explain the words for each other in groups if they don't know the meaning of the words.

Focus on vocab-meaning (12-15 minutes) • to encourage Ss to explainthe the meaning of vocabulary for each other

T gives Ss the words from the box in vocabulary ex1 and gets them to discuss in pairs or small groups if they know these words- and encourage them to explain them to each other. Then gives the the text from ex1- and asks them: 1.which 2 famous UK newspapers is it about? 2.what are the main differences? T tells them not to worry about the gaps at the moment. ICQs: -Do you fail the gaps? No -Do you read to get what it is about? Yes -Do you read with your friends or alone? Alone T gets the Ss to read the text quickly and then peer-check. Then gets W/C FB. Then T gets them to work in groups to put the vocabularies into the gaps. As Ss finish,T gets them to check with other groups and then gives them the answer keys. In W/c FB teacher makes sure that if there are any words that Ss are not clear about and deals with the meaning. For reviewing the vocabulary T wants Ss to choose a person for board race. Ss take the words' which teacher says and run to their group and other members of the group should make sentence. Winner is a group with more sentences.

Discussion (5-10 minutes) • to work on Ss's speaking and discussing their ideas

T puts Ss into small groups. And gives them the questions in ex 2 and let them discuss their ideas. And takes some general W/C FB.

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