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TP1-Autograph Hunters
B2 level


In this lesson, SS will practice reading for gist and detail and speaking based on a text about autographs. The lesson will start with some pictures and autographs of famous people which students will try to guess and match. This will be followed by an exercise about some difficult vocabulary in the text. Later, SS will read the text and complete the exercises related to the text. Finally, SS will be engaged in a discussion about the text.


Abc Fill in the gaps in the reading text
Abc Speaking
Abc Match the questions to the answers exercise

Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn new vocabulary in the context of hobbies and jobs


Stage 1- Lead in (0-0 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of lesson interesting for the SS

- Show SS pictures of famous people and see if they know them - Ask SS "What do people do when they meet a famous person?" - Collect ideas and if no one mentions asking famous person to sign their name, say "would you do this?" and mime . -Teach the word autograph and elicit the difference between autograph and signature. - Show SS some autographs of famous people and see if they can guess who they belong to.

Stage 2- Pre-reading Task • To provide SS with new vocabulary that might prevent them from understanding the text

- Pass out HO's for SS to match vocabulary words with definitions. - PW to check the answers. - CQ's for some words(trade, track down...etc)

Stage 3- Reading for gist • To provide a controlled gist reading task

- Write three one-sentence summaries of the reading text on the board(one true, two false answers) - Give students one minute to skim the text. - Have them choose the correct answer.

Stage 4- Reading for detail • To provide detailed reading task

- Have students read the text and complete exercise 1. - Check the answers in pairs. - Have students complete exercise 2. - Pair check and then the whole class check.

Stage 5- Post-reading task • To provide speaking practice about the context

- Hand out discussion questions(speaking ex.3 p.10) - Have SS discuss the questions in pairs.

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