Elena Elena

Copy of listening practice, grammar (past simple-past continuous)
intermediate level


in this lesson students are going to practice grammar, past simple and past continuous, throughout a listening exercise. then a brief discussion, describing a minor injury, dangerous situation or feeling frightened. in which there will be more practice in how to use both tenses. then pair exercise.


Abc hand out

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of past simple and past contunious tense. in the context of conversations and listening practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking about a previous experience and describe it using both past simple and past continuous.


warm-up/lead-in. (5-12 minutes) • breaking the ice, prepare the students mind for the listening lesson.

introducing myself. stick 3 pictures in the WB and ask what they think about it. and if they ever felt the same or have been in a similar situation. ask them to ask and answer each other about the experience, and describe it, using the past simple and the past continuous.

listing (3-6 minutes) • practice the use of past tense-past continuous.

listening fallow with exercise and pair work as well as open group.

pair work group discussion. (5-8 minutes) • practice the use of past tense-past continuous.

working in the exercises 1 new inside out, unit 2 page 14 and 1 and 2 page 15.

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