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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn different future forms GOING TO,WILL and present continuous


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Main Aims

  • To contrast different future forms and their use

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise recognising appropriate future forms in the context of everyday conversations


Warmer (5-7 minutes) • To test students knowledge of the future forms

I will show them the crying girl's picture and ask them about what she is doing. I will tell them that the women in the picture are flatmates and they are called Sandy and Zoe. I will tell them that I will play the listening and I want them to find out the reason why she is unhappy. we will check the answer together.The answer is She is unhappy because David hasn't rung.

lead -in (10-12 minutes) • To contrast different future forms and their use

I will show the conversation on the board and ask one of the students to underline future examples in the conversation. I will chest the grammar handout and tell them to take a look and share their ideas about the examples in groups of 4. I will ask them about what they shared in their groups about the examples. I will write 3 different examples on the board about holiday plans and ask them to decide which one is being decided in the moment of speaking which one si already decided and which one is arranged. What are you going to do this weekend? I don't know .ill go to the movies. I'm going to learn Italian one day. I'm seeing an old friend on Friday. I will ask them to talk about the differences in pair and answer exercise 2.

Clarification of grammar (16-18 minutes) • To practice the future forms differences

I will ask them if they remember what Sandy decided to do which was calling James. I will ask them to pick the appropriate future form in pairs of two. If there are any early finishers I will ask them to circle the appropriate answer on the board. If not I will play listening 1.32 so that they can check the answers. I will ask the students to put the verbs in the most appropriate future form in exercise 4 in pairs. I will tell them that I will play listening 1.33 so that they can check their answers. I will show David's picture and ask the students If there is a future for Sandy and David. I will tell them to listen to listening 1.34 to see if their guesses were right.

Free practice (4-6 minutes) • To get the students to talk about their future plans

I will ask the students to stand up and find themselves a new partner and ask each other about their weekend plans I will ask them randomly to tell the class about their partners.

Grammar practice (7-10 minutes) • extra practice on the grammar

I will chest handouts of page 132 and explain that they will find examples of what they have studied if they need more practice. students will be asked to do the task in pair if there is enough time.

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