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Vocabulary : Personal Possesions
A1 level


In this lesson students will be practicing their productive skills by guessing what personal possessions I have in a bag, as well as matching images of possessions to their names. Receptive skills will then be practiced by completing an exercise where two people have a conversation about lost possessions where the students will need to pick up the key possessions that are being looked for.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice and information on the vocabulary used for personal possessions as well practice on using these words in sentences.

Subsidiary Aims

  • TO provide practice on receptive skills of conversations between others.


Personal Possessions Context (6-9 minutes) • To build context on personal possessions and recognise some words

The procedure is to bring a bag full of 10 items including personal possessions such as glasses and a wallet. Students will first guess what I might have in the bag I will write down each guess and check the spelling Finally I will present the rest of the items and there spelling

Matching game in groups (7-10 minutes) • To practice the words and see if they know new ones

Students will be put in to small groups according to their height Students will be given an A3 paper with 12 images and another paper with 12 words As a group the students will need to write the correct word under the image As a class we will go through the correct answers and the pronunciation through drilling each word

Listening to a conversation excercise (7-10 minutes) • Receptive skills development

Students will listen to a conversation between two individuals where one of them cant find his personal possessions students will need to pinpoint the 3 things he cant find After this the students will need to match the words to the picture on the exercise sheet

Answering questions about an action image (7-10 minutes) • Students to be able to write sentences using the new words

In groups, students will be given a picture of a living room with a family all doing different activities There will also be a questions asking what each person is doing Students will need to answer in sentences, what each person is doing

Optional stage: Finding personal possessions (7-10 minutes) • For the students to pinpoint objects they already know the word for

Students will name as many objects in the image as they can If time persists than we will make sentences from these words as a class

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