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must and mustn't
A1 level


in this lesson, the teacher will introduce the students to must and mustn't model of obligation through a guided discovery, the lesson will be text based so the teacher will follow lesson shape A. the lesson will be initiated through setting the context based on the previous lesson to get the students engaged and attract their attention after that the students will be asked to read the text and will practice to sub-skills of reading and through the text, the teacher will try to elicit a marker sentence in order to highlight the form and go over the Mfp


Abc exercise
Abc reading text

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of must and mustn't in the context of Animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about National Park in the context of Animals


lead in/setting the context (4-5 minutes) • get the students engaged and and give a hint about the context

- T will ask sts what was the previous lesson about, aspiring that they will say animals. - T will ask sts do you love animals? if they say yes Teacher will ask some of the sts what is their favorite. - T will ask the student if they have any place where he can go and see animals, hoping to get the answer park or a zoo. - if he get the answer zoo teacher will show some pictures to clarify the difference between a park and a zoo.

pre-teach blocking vocab (2-3 minutes) • Teaching blocking vocab

-teaching some blocking vocabulary(Map, seatbelt, fasten)

To practice reading for gist and specific information through a text. (5-6 minutes) • practice the 2 sub-skills of reading and introduce the sts to the target language in an indirect way

- T will give the students a text about a National Park in South Africa. - T will ask the students to read the text quickly and answer the gist question.alone, in 1 minute. - ICQs: -are you reading quickly or slowly? quickly -are you reading alone or in pairs? alone -how many minutes do you have? 1 minute - T will ask sts to check in pairs and then get oral FB. - T will ask the sts to do the scanning task, alone and will give them 2 min.

highlighting the target language (2-3 minutes) • to expose the student to the target language.

- T will show two pictures to the sts and ask them to work in pairs find in the text sentences that describe them ( eliciting the target language)

carifying the target language (5-7 minutes) • to provide clarification to any problems sts may have with the ( form, meaning and pronunciation).

-T will use the marker sentences that he elicited from the sts to clarify the target language through the use of CCQs: - Marker sentence number 1: you must fasten your seat belt - CCQs:- is it important to fasten your seat belt? yes - is a problem if you don't do it? yes - can you not do it? no - Marker sentence number 2: you mustn't feed the animals - can you feed the animals? no - is it okay if you do it? no -The teacher will elicit the form the sts. - T will use back chain drilling to provide controlled practice of pronunciation.

language practice (4-6 minutes) • to practice the target language

- Teacher will ask student to do an exercise where they will have to match must and mustn't to some pictures that describes them - sts will be given 4 min.and they will do it individually and then check in pairs. - Teacher will provide an example for the student in case they don't understand. -ICQs: -how many minutes do you have? 4 -are you working alone or in pairs.?alone. - After sts are done T will get W/B feedback.

language practice (3-4 minutes) • practice the target language

- sts will be given an exercise where they have to circle true the sentences that seems true and false the sentences that seems so. - sts will work in pairs and will be given 3 min to do it.

language practice (7-9 minutes) • to provide the sts with freer practice of the target language.

-Teacher will divide sts into 2 groups and ask them to pretend as if the classroom is theirs and they will have to make new rules. - T will say that whomever team will produce pictures that clear and the other group will be able to understand will win. -ICQs: -are working alone, no - what are you making, sign or pictures. - T will give them 5 min to do it and then will get feed back

Delayed error correction (2-3 minutes) • correct sts mistakes

- During the free practice, T will monitor for the sts will make - T will correct them by eliciting from the sts at this stage

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