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The road to fame
Upper Intermedıate , B2 level


In this lesson Ss will have the opportunity to be exposed to talk about the rise and fall of famous people . Ss will have the opportunity to discuss famous people big breaker or down through pictures, to respond why these people were ups and downs in their life with listening and speaking to copy the right intonation pattern.


Abc Putting sentences into logical order , role play

Main Aims

  • Speaking: Learning famous people's life ups and downs in their life with the correct vocabulary.
  • As a child, he had a burning ambition.
  • e.g . After several years of struggling to make ends meet.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To encourage Ss to do a role play with interviewing with a celebrity "road to fame"


Stage 1 • Warmer / Lead in To set lesson context and engage students

Ss have a discussion and listening about road to fame through describing the rise and fall of a famous person by putting sentences into a logical order. - Teacher shows some pictures to Ss to talk about what they see. - teacher starts to ask questıons to Ss the name of the people who they see , what are their job? - TEacher contınues to ask questıon such as" What do you know about these people? Why are they famous? Were they famous in their life time? Which of them do you think were rich as well as famous? Were their lives happy? Have you ever wanted to be famous? What makes a person ups and downs in her/ his life?

Stage 2 (5-20 minutes) • Exposure To provide context for the target language through a listening text or or situation.

Set Ss in group activity and pass out HOs after giving instructions. Aks Students to look at jumbled sentences about a famous person and try to guess the famous person's road to fame life in a logical order. 1- As a child , he had a burning ambition to be rich and famous 2- Whilst still a teenager , he ran away from home and went to live in the big city. 3- As well as doing casual jobs, he took any acting parts he could get in order to gain experience. 4- After several years of struggling to make ends meet ,he finally got his first big break in a popular TV soap opera. 5- The soap got him noticed , and soon afterwards he was offered the starting role in a Hollywood movie.

Stage 3 • Clarification To clarify the meaning of the phrases of the target language

Meaning: Make ends meet : to balance the expendure and money from the first day to las day. big break: become popular a burning ambition : a big desire to be media attention : take notice by someone starring role: unigue to gain experience : obtain experience hounded : chase someone will e access the Ss to talk about more managable.

Stage 4 • Controlled Practice . To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice in capable of sentences in a logical order.

Pass out HO and ask them to respond the phrases ın the correct place. Ss listen and check the answer together, and then whole class feedback. Ex. -9 Slowly but surely , his career went into decline and he rarely left his huge mansion - 10 Some years later, he attempted to make a comeback , but he was unable to recapture the success of his early years.

Stage 5 (5-15 minutes) • Freer Practice

Set Ssin pairs and pass out HO after giving instructions. - To provide Ss to write an interview ; one of the student is the interviewer and the other student is the celebrity. Tell Ss to write five or six questions to ask about the celerity's road to fame. Each pair work will write their interview ,while other students take notes about what the interviewer and the celebrity says to get their positive and negative points. Teacher provides oral error correction techniques, and gives whole class feedback. I: How did you get your first break in show business? C: By selling excellent brands. I: Have you ever had struggled making ends meet ? C: Yes, I: Where did you your first break? C: In he theatre; at the stage. I: How did you manage to recapture the success you had ? C: By working hard. I: What made you appear less in public again? C: the see and hear wrong news about me.

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