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second lesson plan
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students practice and develope the integrated skills: reading, writing, and speaking through the medium of " Fiona's dilemma". By general reading, detailed reading, dictating, discussing about the topic.


Abc picture
Abc strips
Abc whiteboard
Abc book page 220
Abc markers
Abc sheets, pens

Main Aims

  • Integrated Skills: Reading, Speaking, Writing.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Suggestions, opinions, advice


Lead-in (5 minutes) • to find out the meaning of the main word 'dilemma', and to put the students in a comfotable atmosphere.

The teacher sticks the picture on the board and starts with a short story to elicit the meaning of 'dilemma'. Then, T asks Ss if anyone can tell a short story that has a dilemma.

Pre-reading (8 minutes) • To prepare students for the reading text and provide them with some ideas about the text.

Teacher tells the students they are going to read to read about a girl called Fiona and her dilemma. Teacher will show the picture and elicit few ideas.Ss in pairs ( A, B ), they will discuss about what Fiona's dilemma is.

Running dictation (10-12 minutes) • To practise reading and dictating fast through moving and reading the strips.

teacher tells the students that we have a dilemma because the story is cut up. As students are yellow and Bs students are blue. Yellow students will run and read six sentences one by one and dictate each sentence to their partner.Then they will change the roles, Bs will read six sentences.

Reading - ordering (10 minutes) • To practise more reading and speaking, and to enhance the reading and speaking skills.

Teacher elicits from the students that there is still another dilemma that the story is not in order. In pair work Ss put the story in order while the teacher is monitoring. Finally the answers will be shown by the teacher.

Freer speaking (5-8 minutes) • To practise speaking freely and to comprehend the text and to practise reading in details.

Teacher asks Ss some questions to check Ss have understood Fiona's dilemma. Ss will discuss what they think Fiona should do - what question she should ask? Why? and what she should do when she gets the answer. Ss compare their ideas, and the teacher takes W/C feedback.

Flexi stage (6-8 minutes) • To enhance the ability of discussing and talking about dilemmas

Ss will have open discussion, each speaks about any dilemma he/she had. Teacher monitors the Ss.

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