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A1 level


Abc Reading Text
Abc Alternative Ex.
Abc Cross/Tick Exercise
Abc Pictures of Schools
Abc Pictures of Authors
Abc Scrambled Sentences

Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To introduse the topic, school days, engage Ss and motivate them to talk about the topic

Show pictures of schools, classrooms, teachers, etc, ask the Ss: Was your school like this? How was it? Did you like your teachers? Which one? Why? Task: PW - talk about it with your partner Elicit School subjects: I like Physics. What about you? Which school subject do you like? Write: Art, Music, Science, Maths. Task: PW - Ask your partner Which school subject does she/he like? FB: Volenteers talk to class

Pre-Teach Vocab. (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the new/blocking vocabulary from the reading text to the Ss, To elicit the meanings of voc.

Using pictures and concept check questions, elicit the meaning of the new vocab.: Show pictures of authors, ask Ss: who are they? Do you know them? introduce Lindsay and Kate. Elicit: Author keep asking CCQs from my Voc. analysis page, giving examples, using synonyms, antonyms, elicit the definitions. write on the board and drill the pronunciation.

Gist Read (4-6 minutes) • To get familiar with the reading text by reading it fast and matching the paragraphs with the questions on the board.

Show the questions first. Have Ss to read them and think about them. Then show them the text, giving instructions how to do the task by giving an example. Distribute the text. They must match the paragraphs in the text to the questions. Pair check, followed by FB: Nominate Ss to come to the board and write the questions in the correct place.

Detail Read (10-12 minutes) • To read the text for comprehension by focusing on the TL sentences

Set task 1 by giving instructions through example, distribute the exercise. They must read the text carefully and circle the correct choices in the exercise. Pair check followed by FB: first WC. Task 2: With their partner, find the word or sentence in the text for each number in the exercise. FB: Ss come to the board, underline the section for each number.

Clarification (5-7 minutes) • To clarify and highlight the grammar used in this lesson,

write these questions: Are you happy at your school (ITI)? Ask Ss: what time is this sentence? Elicit: Now, Present. Ask Ss: What about before? How do you write this sentence for your elementary school? Elicit: Were you happy at your elementary school? Ask: What is the answer? Elicit: No, I wasn't/ Yes, I was. Write: Where is your school (ITI)? What is the time in this sentence? Elicit: now. Ask: Where was your elementary school? What is the time in this sentence? Elicit: Past, Before now. What is the answer for this question? Is it Yes/ No? elicit: No Ask Ss to find the negative form of Was/Were. Elicit: Wasn't/Weren't Write: I wasn't happy at my elementary school./ You weren't happy at your elementary school. Ask Ss.: make questions with was /were. Elicit: Were you happy at your elementary school? Answer? Yes, I was. Elicit: Was she happy at her elementary school? Answer: No, she wasn't. Task 1: Underline was/wasn't/were/weren't in the text.- Pair check, FB Ss show on the board. Task 2: Find the subject for the verbs in the text. Pair check, FB Ss show on the board

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To let the Ss use the TL in exercises

Task 1: Cross or Tick, give instructions through example, distribute the exercise, Solo followed by pair check. FB: Nominate Ss. Task 2: Put the words in order, Put the Ss into 2 groups: Lindsay and Kate! give instructions through example, distribute the exercise, they must put the words in order and make correct sentences. Then they swap their answers with other group and check their answers. FB: Answer key OHP

Freer Practice (10-12 minutes) • To give Ss an opportunity to use their taught language in a free way to produce a questionare

Put Ss in pairs. Ask them to prepare some questions to ask other Ss about their school days. They can use questions from Ex. 1, but they also must add one question of their own. After that, they change partners and do the interview. FB: Volunteer Ss report to the class.

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