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Present perfect
intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to learn and practice present perfect tense with some activities.


Abc English Unlimited
Abc Find some one who...
Abc Kitchen pictures
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Main Aims

  • Grammar: To provide an opportunity for students to discuss and learn present perfect tense.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and vocabulary: To illustrate the present perfect form and develop their speaking skill.


Lead-in (5 minutes) • Looking at the picture and guessing

I will stick some flash cards on the board and ask students to talk about the pictures on the flash cards. I will walk around and listen to students as which tense they are using to describe the pictures.

Grammar (5 minutes) • The present perfect tense.

When students are done, I will write the correct tense of the sentences on the WB and ask students what they see, which tense I use. Also which form I use: past form or past participle form of the verb. I will underline the auxiliary verb “have and has” as red color and past participle verb as blue color. This way students will see the most important part of the present perfect tense. I will write each subject on the board and ask students which auxiliary verb will come along with the subject. Subject+ have/has+ past participle

Grammar (10 minutes) • Work on the HO

I will explain the students that they are going to work on question 1. Students are going to look at the example in the table then circle the correct words in 1 and 2. They can check their answers with their pairs. Then they can work on the gap fill in task. Students will look at the sentences and fill in the gap words in the box. They can check their answers with their partners.

Game (5 minutes) • Find some one who…

I will pass out a HO and ask students to quickly walk around and interview their friends and try to find out all the answers.

Grammar (10 minutes) • Sentence practice

I am going to ask the students to look at the underlined words in exercise 1. Students are going to change the underline words to different words. I will give example question 1 before they start the task. When they are done they can walk around the classroom and check their answers. I am really sorry. I’ve forgotten your email address.

Grammar (5 minutes) • Pair work

I am going to pass out two kitchen pictures. One of the picture has a clean kitchen the other picture has a dirty kitchen. I will sign the students as A and B. Students who are in group A will take the clean kitchen and students who are in group B will take the picture of a dirty kitchen. Students in group B need to talk about the kitchen using Present perfect tense. Students in group A need to write or draw item on the right place. It has broken coffee mug; it is on the floor.

Speaking (5 minutes) • Pair work

Students need to look at the pictures and decide how each person feels and why. I will encourage them to use present perfect tense when they ask “why” question. Why has she run away?

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