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Grade 3 level


Students practice vocabulary and grammatical structures involved in asking/telling people when their birthdays are


Main Aims

  • To provide practice using vocab of days/months in the context of birthdays

Subsidiary Aims

  • Get kids moving and singing!


context (5-5 minutes) • get kids excited about birthdays

See if any of the kids know the "happy birthday" song. Sing "Happy birthday to you" several times and get class to sing with you. Ask, "Who has a birthday this month?" If a kid raises their hand, sing the song with that kid's name.

vocab (10-12 minutes) • Familiarise kids with the months in English and asking about birthdays

Go over the months in order using the pictures to elicit. Teach "When is your birthday" / "My birthday is in.../on..." Say, "My name is [your name] and my birthday is in [month]. My birthday is on [month][day]." Then ask a few kids, "When is your birthday?"

controlled practice (10-12 minutes) • Give students a chance to recognise and use the vocab

Cut out the sentence (When is your birthday? My birthday is in....) and have kids put it on the board in order. Then call on some kids and ask and have them answer.

free practice (10-12 minutes) • Give kids a chance to practice asking "When is your birthday?"

Kids have a worksheet to fill in with all the months on it. The goal is to find someone with a birthday in every month. They mingle and ask "When is your birthday" until they've found someone with a birthday in each month.

flexistage • Extra practice if time remaining at end

Kids line up in order of birthdays. They must use ONLY English, no Chinese! They can ask each other when their birthday is and answer in English, then line up in the right order.

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