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Going Away
Elementary level


In this lesson, SS will work on productive skills with conversation to practice of travel. Then after SS practice and develop receptive (listening) skill through the medium of an extract from Unlimited bookthe gist and specific information related to a conversation between girl and her assistant, Mr.Donovan, and her husband. They will be engaged in vocabulary for using in conversation.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice in gist listning, using the context from English unlimited

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of speaking including “keys, sunglasses, money, mobile….” in the context of going away.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson interesting for the SS

Ask SS some question about Going away and travel Such as 1. How often do you travel? 2. Do you go on business trip? Or other trips? 3. Do you like flying? Driving? Or taking the train?

Stage 2 (introduce Vocab) (4-6 minutes) • to provide new vocabulary that can be applied in the context of going away.

What things do you sometimes forget when you go out or travel. Then, have hand out included picture and vocabulary ready. T will elicit some words and will demo the first thing. Then T asks a question: what things do you sometimes forget when you go out or travel?

stage 3 (pre-teaching listening) to provide understanding for listening part (3-4 minutes) • to provide understanding for listening part

Teacher introduces some vocabulary from the listening truck. T tries to elicit the difficult words. Such as: Where do we put our money and passport? packet I want to go to somewhere how can I go? Directions. Friend from the same school or the same job Colleagues. The person who buy something Client.

Stage 4 Listening (6-8 minutes) • Listen for gist

Get the listening tracks ready let SS listen to the first tack. SS listen individually. During listening the first track they will try to answer these two questions: 1. Where does she plan to go? 2. What day does she plan to come back After the first time listening SS check in pair. T monitors T plays the track again SS check in pairs. Teacher asks SS about the correct answers . Feed/back.

stage 5 Listing for details listening for details (5-6 minutes) • Listing for details listening for details

T tells SS to listen again and write down three things Mick gives Sang-mi for her trip. T plays the track again of conversation. SS focus on the three things which Mick gives Sang-mi. When listening finishes SS check in pair. T monitors. Listen again

Stage 6 listening second and third tracks. JIGSAW listening (7-8 minutes) • JIGSAW listening (listening for details)

T divided classroom into 4 groups Two groups the speaking between Sang-Mi and Mr. Donovan Two groups the speaking between Sang-Mi and her husband. T gives instructions that each two groups will be taken 4 sentences and they will write down (T) for true and (F) for False and they will listen to different track. After first listening SS will listen again then the groups from the first track will check together T will chose one S from the SS who will listento the first conversation and they will complete table that will be designed in advanced. (see appendix)

stage 7 freed activity (5-6 minutes) • freed activity

T asks SS tell your partner about three things that you forgot when you went away SS will prepare their answers and they will share their conversation with their partners T monitor closely Error-correction Thanks

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