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Staying in shape
UI level


In this lesson, I wanna learn to my Ss how we can be in shape. By doing some exercises and they will learn some of the exercises (basketball, swimming, sleep, etc)to how much could be helped to being in shape. They will try to remember when they are done exercises in a period of their life. So I will show them one chart of calories to find how much did they burn their calories in a day.


Abc .HO1(lesson book)
Abc .Ho2(related to new vocab){game}
Abc HO3{make sentences paper}

Main Aims

  • To provide practice and clarification of Exercises word in the context of Sport

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and review of Sport words in the context of Exercise


Lead_in (3 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage Ss

This is a lead_in activity that I should tell my Ss an overall issue. And by some questions, I can prepare the Ss for our issue. This Question as follows: 1_does all of you in a good shape? 2_are all of you satisfied with your shape? if no tell me why. What shape do you want to be? 3_tell me the disadvebtages of bad shape?

Exposure (2 minutes) • To provide context for a text of vocabulary

At this stage, I due to one chart show the Ss how much we have exercises and be more familiar with any sports that it can help us to be in healthy shape. M=(meaning)

Highlighting and clarification (4 minutes) • To draw the Ss attention to the target language

To draw my Ss attention to the board by showing one chart about the number of calories in which sport. Then they should bring peace of paper and remember what they can remember about sports that are related to the book. I just want to know how they have attention to the class and my lesson. The point is if one group have written more word with another group this group is the winner. For last time, they should repeat after me, so they can understand the correct pronunciation. P=(pornansiation)

Controlled practice (2 minutes) • To concept check and prepare Ss for a gratis practice

At this stage, Ss start working together(PW) So they check the words in the class, then we count and nominate the winner group.(Gist)

Free practice (3 minutes) • To provide Ss with free practice of the target language

The Ss will think for 1 minute. And make sentences with the new vocabulary that they can't write it to their paper and after one minute they should tell it to the class. This way is the best way to memorize the vocabulary that they couldn't remember and write it on paper. (detailed)

Game_like activity (3 minutes) • To give fun to Ss. To not have a tired class

1>I will make 2 groups. I will bring to them a peace of paper to them, they should have written a vocabulary which they can remember. F=FORM __________________________________________ 2> I will tell them to come to the board one by one, then they should mark the chart with the previous sports that they did. Then they can know how much sport did they do before and are they in a good shape or not. (based on the number of the charts)

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