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Headline Language
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson, students will be exposed to two headlines in the lead in activity, they are expected to predict what they mean and come up with the word headline to define what they are. Then students do a prediction task and match the pictures with the appropriate headline while trying to guess the meanings of headlines. The teacher may have to pre teach blocking vocab if she realizes that the students are having trouble interpreting the headlines. Then to fully comprehend the meaning of the underlined words in the headlines, students match the underlined words with their meanings in the following exercise. In order to highlight the target language, they will listen for gist and match the headline with the news articles. After the matching the teacher clarifies the target language, focusing more on the meaning, form and pronunciation. Finally students will have a controlled practice where they are expected to turn 3 headlines into full sentences in pairs. This is followed by a less controlled activity students create their own headline on natural disasters. Then does feedback.


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Main Aims

  • to be able to understand the use, meaning, form of headline Language

Subsidiary Aims

  • to be able to listen and read for gist


Lead-in (5 minutes) • to encourage students to talk about the meanings of the headlines in order to develop oral fluency

Sts are shown two headlines on the board and are expected to guess what they mean; > Passengers hit by cancelled trains > Angry bull injures farmer with gun as they may have two meanings, they were specifically chosen for fun.  Passengers hit by cancelled trains. Can possibly mean; > Passengers suffered due to the cancelled trains. or; > The passengers were hit by the train that was cancelled.  Angry bull injures farmer with gun. Can possibly mean; > The angry bull has a gun and injures the farmer with it. Or; > The angry bull injured a farmer that had a gun. T asks them CCQ`s; > Do you think this is a proper sentence? > What`s missing? > Where do we hear such language? > What are they called?

Prediction task (5 minutes) • To have students predict / think about the headline language through matching activities

The T reflects 6 pictures and 6 headlines on the board, and also provides the students with HO as well so that they could follow. In pairs Sts match the headlines with the pictures given and try to guess the story under every picture using the headline as guidance. Answer key: A) 2 B) 4 C) 6 D) 5 E) 3 F) 1

Pre-teach vocabulary (10 minutes) • to unblock key vocab needed to help students understand the headline language

T first elicits certain key vocab that the students might not know through CCQ's. [ freak storm, octogenarian, etc.] Then by doing the following exercise they will comprehend the meanings of the underlined words as they will match them with their meanings. Students may work alone then check their answers in pairs. T makes sure Sts understand the Target words before doing listening. Answer key: A) hits B) to wed C) quits D)row E) soar F) cash G) bars H)jobless I) probe J) talks

Highlighting through listening for gist (7-8 minutes) • to highlight the target language, and encourage Sts to listen for gist

Sts will listen to a track of articles, they will match each article with a headline from the HO they were given. >The listening is on CD 2 track 22 >The listening track is 1 minute and 30 seconds. Answers: a) 2 b) 5 c) 1 d) 3 e) 4 f) 6

Clarifying Target Language (10-11 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

To cover the meaning T elicits each headline from students one by one and tries to elicit the long form as a full sentence from students. Peace talks end in row >The negotiation for peace ended in an argument. Minister quits in missing cash probe > The minister suspiciously resigns during the missing cash investigation. Freak storm hits harvest > An extremely unusual storm destroyed the harvest. School bars nose-ring girl >The school has excluded the girl with the nose-ring. Jobless figures soar >There has been a rise in the number of unemployed people. Lottery octogenarian to wed >Winning the lottery lead the octogenarian to get married. To cover the form T asks CCQ's like; > What tense is used for headlines? > Do we use article such as 'a,an,the'? > Why do we use headlines? what`s the purpose? To cover the pronunciation T model and drill the vocabulary they aren't familiar with and drills the headlines with bearing in mind the intonation and stress.

Controlled Practice (6 minutes) • to provide controlled practice to give students the opportunity to practice headlines

sts will be given three headlines, they are expected to understand the meanings of them and make a fully developed grammatically accurate sentences out of each headline in pairs. A) Fans barred from world cup final B) Teacher quits in exam row C) Families hit as house prices soar

less controlled practice (3 minutes) • to provide less controlled practice to give students the opportunity to practice headlines

Students will create their own headlines under the topic of natural disasters then share with the whole class.

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