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Teaching Plan: b4
Intermediate B1/B2 level


In this skill lesson the students are provided with an opportunity to expand their listening (receptive) skill. They also have a chance to have speaking (productive) practice which is interrelated to the listening skill.


Abc audio
Abc handouts
Abc board, board pen, projector

Main Aims

  • In this skill lesson students focus on their listening ability.

Subsidiary Aims

  • As a subsidiary aim students focus speaking skill which is related to their main, and their is a good balance between main aim and sub aim.


Lead in/warmer (5 minutes) • To activate schemata and to provide them with some speaking practice.

Project the picture from p.60, ex.3B. Write on board "what type of questions do children ask? give them a few seconds to think about the question then ask all the students one by one for any possible answer.

Pre-Teach Vocabularies (8 minutes) • To check and and enable students to learn vocabulary which is essential for the better understanding of the listening tasks.

Using pictures or a context, elicit, concept check and drill 'sense of honor', 'ideology' 'eruption' and 'went off'. Write the new word on the board, including the parts of speech and word stress.

Gist Listening (10 minutes) • To enable students to get the general concept of the listening task. To provide them with less challenging task.

Give them short and clear instructions. Distribute handout and play the audio, p.60, ex.4a. While they listen, stay back and ghost monitor them. When they finished put them in pairs to check their answers, while they share their ideas monitor them. Check the order of the questions with the whole class. Ask them if they can remember or understand the possible answer for the question and let them discuss it in groups. Then ask each group to report back to the whole class

While Listening#1 (10 minutes) • To provide students with a more challenging and detailed listening task.

Give them short and clear instruction. students listen again to the text to complete the sentences, p.60, ex.5B. When they finish put them in groups to share their ideas about the answers. Give them time to discuss, while they discuss monitor them and make sure they are all active. When they finished ask them to report back to the whole class.

Post-Listening (12 minutes) • To give students a chance to practiced what they have learned. They also practice some productive skills.

Write on board 'How do you prefer to find information?'. Put students in groups and ask them to discuss and share their ideas about the question. In each group one student is writer and one student is reporter. The writer take note of his/her friends' ideas and also he express his/her idea. While on task monitor them and help them to come up with ideas to discuss. when they finish ask the reporter to report back to the whole class.

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