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Lesson 8_Travel in Turkey
Elementary A1 level


In this lesson, students will learn I think and I think that in sentences. They will choose correct sentences utilizing I think and I think that. They will then determine a trip itinery in Turkey based on what they think.


Abc Listing of Activities

Main Aims

  • Students will focus on the language of I think and I think that. This will expand to I think you should in context of travel in Turkey.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will practice speaking and sharing what they think about areas to visit in Turkey.


Discussion Starter (5-6 minutes) • To introduce context of travel in Turkey.

1. Open PowerPoint to slide representing images of different locations in Turkey. 2. Ask questions such 'what do you think we will focus on tonight?' 'what do you think these pictures have in common'

Application of Vocabulary (6-7 minutes) • Students to apply vocabulary of activities to different locations in Turkey

1. Have PowerPoint open to map of Turkey 2. Ask students to come to board and place activities to different cities in Turkey (ski, dining, sailing etc)

Choose the Correct Sentence (10-11 minutes) • Students will select the correct answer for sentences including I think and I think that

1. Model example from PowerPoint 2. Have students practice speaking 3. Handout worksheet and have students complete in pairs 4. Review answers with class

Plan Travel Itinierary (11-11 minutes) • Students learn and apply I think you should and determine travel itinerary in Turkey.

1. PowerPoint slide focusing on use of I think you should.... 2. Review examples 3. Ask students to work in pairs and determine three places to go in Turkey when my Mom visits (at least 3). 4. Have some students share their itinerary with class.

Comparing Cities (9-10 minutes) • Students learn to compare cities and create sentences in correct format

1. PowerPoint with examples of comparing cities 2. Review examples with students. 3. Ask students to work in pairs to create sentences and practice speaking with each other.

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