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The amazing race
All level


This is a game for all levels where they will go around the center finding things and completing tasks


Abc Wall Street hashtag #WSEamazingracemyanmar
Abc Chance one TV social area
Abc Task sheets

Main Aims

  • The main aim is for the students to go around the center and complete all the tasks that are on the activity sheet.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make sure that all of the activities are ready for the students to find and that there is a start and finish point for them.


Introduction of the rules (3-5 minutes) • To explain the rules of the game

Before we start The Amazing Race we need to make sure that we explain all the rules so they understand what they have to do. 1. Make sure that they complete every task and they have the evidence to prove it with a picture of filling out on the sheet what reds to be filled out. 2. They will have only 1 hour to complete

Activity 1 - find Zaw (8-10 minutes) • Find Zaw and ask for the clue to carry on


Activity 2 - take a selfie (8-10 minutes) • Take a selfiwhile with the wall Street English logo somewhere


Activity 3 - TV spelling correction (18-20 minutes) • Find the wrong spelling on one of the TV's in the social area


Activity 4 - find Ellen (8-10 minutes) • Find Ellen for the correct word and them find the definition in therror center


Activity 5 - check list • Find all the items in the center that are on the list


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