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Abc Cut ups containing the text, adapted form Family Fortunes

Main Aims

  • To get student to talk about their position in the family, they should discuss with partners if they are the oldest, in the middle, the youngest or an only child.
  • To get students to read a text and decide whether they agree with it according to the position in their family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get students use adjectives describing personality, to sort the adjectives out into positive adjectives, negative adjectives or both.


Warmer (0-10 minutes) • To get students familiarised with the topic and to set the environment for students to talk about themselves and their brothers and sisters.

T introduces the telling students 'today we are going to talk about our families, we are going to talk about our brothers and sisters'. T. displays the questions and asks S to work in pairs; How many brothers/sisters have you got?' 'Are you the youngest/oldest or middle child?' 'Do you think your position in the family influences the relationship with your brothers? Give examples. T conducts feedback

Pre-Reading (0-10 minutes) • To get students ready for reading

T writes some adjectives on the board. Ss work with the adjective and decide whether they are positive or negative and they may check the meaning of words in the dictionary. good leader, ambitious , competitive, jealous, charming, responsible

Reading (0-12 minutes) • Students read the their text to find the descriptions of different positions in the family and to find other adjectives describing brothers/sisters.

T distributes the sections of text to Ss and give instruction to find additional adjectives and the description of each position in the family.

Post-Reading (0-12 minutes) • To complete the table with adjectives and work in pairs to discuss the description.

T distributes the worksheet containing the table to fill in with adjectives. Individually Ss complete the table with adjectives T checks how students have filled the table In pairs Ss discuss in pairs the description in each text and decide if they agree with the descriptions given for the different position in the family. Ss tell their partners about their text without showing their texts to the partners. T. guides the discussion and helps students to agree with the best descriptions

Speaking/Discussion (0-15 minutes) • To get students to talk about themselves and others; (people in their families or friends)

T asks each pair their point of view regarding their position in the family. Different Ss can come in to give their opinion but T must make sure that all students have an opportunity to say what their opinion is. The following questions will help to guide the discussion: 'What are you like?' 'What are your brother/sister like?' 'Do you agree with the description in the text?' 'Do you know an only child? How do they behave?

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