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Your perfect job
Waystage level


To get them to look at all the different jobs there are.


Abc Warmer activity

Main Aims

  • For students to look at all the different jobs and what you need to do to get your perfect job

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make sure that the class is fun and engaging for all students


Warmer/Lead-in (5-9 minutes) • for students to recognise the different types of jobs

On the table there will be a set of job titles and a set of pictures and they will need to match the picture to the job. Explain to the students that they will need to work in groups of 2/3 and thy will need to match all he pictures with the job titles. They will have 5 minutes to do this. Then come back together as a group and go through each one. Also ask if it is there perfect job.

Exposure (8-10 minutes) • Getting them to talk about what they think a perfect job means

Split the group into 3 groups and get them to discuss what they think makes a perfect job. Get them to think about what they would like from their perfect job. What does it mean? Give them 5 minutes in their groups. Then come back together as a group and get them to go to the board and write one or two things on the board about what they think.

Whats their perfect job? (14-17 minutes) • What is their perfect job?

Give them a sheet which in the middle says... Perfect job? Get them to fill in what their perfect job is. What it would feel like if they got their perfect job. What can people do to help achieve that. Encourage them to be creative with the sheet get them to draw, use colours. Give them 15 minutes to do this.

Discussion (18-20 minutes) • Get them to tell other people about what there dream job is.

We will come back together as a group and they will now each take it in turns to talk about what their dream job is and why they want to do it. After they have had the chance to speak encourage the students to ask questions. (teacher note - if we make note of students perfect jobs, maybe in the future we can help in some way.) you should allow up to 20 minutes for this so they get a chance to speak.

Charades (8-10 minutes) • To get them having fun and using the language easily without thinking too much about it.

Use the jobs that were used in the warmer and getting one student at a time to come up and act out what job it is, but they can not talk, the other students will have to guess what the job title is.

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