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Simple Present Affirmitive
beginner a1 level


in this lesson I am going to teach them about the simple present tense and do a review of the previous lesson words related to the work.


Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • Simple Present Afiirmitive

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading & Speaking


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To warm up the students for the main part

I am going to start the class by telling them about myself: "I am a teacher. What about you? What's your job?" "I am from Iran. Where are you from?" "I live alone in Istanbul but I live with my family in Tabriz. Who do you live with?"

Reading preparation (5-6 minutes) • Getting them familiar with the text

I will start this by tticking some pictures on the Wb and then I will ask a few questions: "Who is she? A man or a woman? How many people do you see? What do you think about these pics?"

Picture story-telling (5-8 minutes) • brainstorming the words related to jobs and objects

I will ask the students to talk about the pictures on the board. I will ask them later to discuss them in groups / pairs

Reading (3-5 minutes) • comprehension

I wil ask them to read the text - now they have some idea what it is going to be about because they have been indirectly exposed to the text and words should not be new for them. I will ask them to relate each picture to the stories from the reading. I will then ask them to answer the question in part 2 of the reading

extension (3-5 minutes) • further practice

I will ask them questions like: "How does she go to work? By bus." and then I will sj=how them the picture.

Post reading (4-6 minutes) • preparation for the grammar

I will now ask them to underline / circle the s/es in the reading. I will set a model and then ask them to find them for themselves. I will try to set this as a board rush game.

Grammar (5-8 minutes) • To familiarise the Ss with grammar consciously

I will write the rule for this lesson about simple present on the Wb and explain where we use s/es. Then I will ask them to go to the 2nd part of the grammar exercises

Review (5-10 minutes) • Pictures + stories + sentences

I will ask the students to make sentences with the pictures they have.

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