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Bank Robbers TP3
Intermediate level


This lesson will be aimed to have students use their receptive skills in listening integrated with productive skills of speaking by watching three scenes from movies that all share the same theme of robberies.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information listening practice and prediction using scenes from movies in the topic of robberies.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and vocabulary


Warmer/Lead In (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students on topic

1. Dress up in hooded jumper over head and black sun glasses when walk into classroom and act out things so Ss can elicit that I am a "robber" whats another word for this? -thief -What kind of robberies are there? Elicit

Predict the text (1-2 minutes) • To predict what text could be about

-Show visual of Bonnie & Clyde -Elicit who they are or what they do - don't confirm anything yet2. Who loves to watch movies? What films can you think of where a robbery takes place? 3. What can you remember about these films?

Useful Languge (6-8 minutes) • To show meaning of words that Ss may not know so it can assist them with the viewing

-I will elicit meanings of Armed Robbery, Faker, Gumption & Anyhow -Do E(licit) > C(CQ) > D(rilling) > W(rite) on WB Armed Robbery: A robbery with a weapon Faker: Someone who is not what they seem Gumption: To have courage/ initiative Anyhow: Anyways....

Listening (5-5 minutes) • Sub Skill - Listening for gist for Ss to get a general idea of text

1. TASK BEFORE TEXT 2. Instructions HO to pick one or two possible answers 3. Play clip > pause at 1.22 4. Ss discuss in groups what they think is correct answer 5. WC FB - nominate

Listening for detail (6-8 minutes) • Ss to understand what is happening in text

1. TASK BEFORE TEXT 2. Ss to listen more carefully to the clip to answer Qs on HOs individually 3. Play clip again - pause again at 1.22 4. Students to check their answers in pairs PW 5. WC FB

Freer Speaking (4-5 minutes) • Predicting what will happen next

1. In pairs ask Ss to predict what could happen next? 2. And to discuss what they think will happen and why? 3. Monitor

Freer speaking (10-10 minutes) • To share ideas and see if they had anything in common

1. Re-group (1-2-3-4) 2. Ss to discuss if they had any similar ideas 3. Before playing rest of clip ask Ss to watch and listen and see if their predictions were close Give HO of B&C visual and info 4. Write question on board: "Does anyone B&C?" "What do you know about them 5. Students to discuss in pairs 6. Nominate a person from each group to tell class about what they think

Delayed Feedback (2-2 minutes) • To show Ss some errors in speaking

1. Write some errors on WB you noticed when monitoring earlier and correct them

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