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TP3 - Grammar
Intermediate level


A grammar lesson focused on 'used to' and 'would'


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice and clarification of Used to & Would

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation and storytelling


before class • to prepare for class

put example sentences on board: Genghis Khan used to rule a large part of Asia. Genghis Khan would use terrorism to conquer his enemies. put timeline: GK was born arrow from second example sentence, bracket over a section between birth and death GK died Now

read stuff from board with class (6-12 minutes) • to introduce the theme of the lesson

Read the example sentences with the class. Ask them CCQ's: does Genghis Khan still rule a large part of Asia? no, but he used to. did he only use terrorism to conquer his enemies once? no, he did it many times. Also give them the handout. Tell them 'would' can be used in the same way as 'used to', but not with stative verbs like 'love', 'understand', 'live'.

Page 25 (10-17 minutes) • to give them grammar practice

Give them page 25. Have them do exercise 1. After 3-5 minutes, put the answers on the board. Then have them do exercise 2. Give them 3-5 minutes. Then have them get in pairs and do exercise 3 for 3-5 minutes.

page 135 (3-7 minutes) • grammar practice

Give the students page 136 and have them do exercise 6 individually.

story writing (10-17 minutes) • to give the students practice writing using used to and would

Have the students get in pairs and tell each other stories on any subject of their choosing, using 'used to' and 'would'. Have them write down at least two details from the stories. Then have them switch partners and tell new stories using the details they wrote down.

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