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Teaching Practice 4
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will read a passage in the context of The Workplace - Profile of an Indian call centre worker. Students will read for gist and specific information, answering questions relating to the text. Students will learn the target language in relation to the passage; pre-teaching students, followed by drilling, pronunciation, and use of the new vocabulary through controlled and semi-controlled reading and speaking exercises.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about an Indian call centre worker. in the context of the workplace.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice and clarification of of the TL in the context of the workplace.
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a discussion in the context of the workplace and expectations of a job.


Warmer (2-4 minutes) • To have Ss complete an activity or discussion to focus on the TL and topic - The Workplace.

T introduces the topic for the lesson by telling a short story about their first experience in the workplace. What was my first job? How did I find my old job? What do I find important in a job? What job would I like to do in the future? T then asks Ss to chat in pairs about their past experiences in the workplace. Was it difficult to find a job? How did they find a job? T asks some Ss to share their responses with the class, eliciting the TL.

Pre-teach the TL (8-12 minutes) • To present Ss with the TL they need to complete the tasks and to understand the main ideas of the text.

T elicits the TL from the Ss (bonus, employ, salary, wage, training, hiring, interview, shift). Ss may not know all of the TL, in that case T will give Ss the word. Ss will focus on pronunciation of the TL through drilling and taking note of the stress of the word. Ss will then use the TL in context by individually completing a vocabulary task - replacing alternative words/phrases with the TL (Vocabulary. Page 54. Q1). Ss check their answers in pairs. FB - T reads the text as Ss answer as a WC.

Gist reading Task (2-3 minutes) • To have Ss answer questions that concern the main idea of the entire text.

T directs Ss to the text ' Profile of an Indian call centre worker'. T asks Ss to look at the pictures on the page, read the introduction and other points on the page (the information in circles). T asks ICQ's to ensure Ss understand what text to read. Ss are directed to Reading & Speaking, page 54. Q1. Give Ss 2 minutes to read the information and think about the accompanying questions.

Feedback (1-2 minutes) • To have Ss check and discuss their answers in pairs, and then as a class.

Once Ss have finished reading these points, Ss can discuss in pairs Reading & Speaking Q1 - 1 & 2. Page 54. Allow Ss a minute to discuss before having Ss answer questions as a WC. Ask CCQ's to ensure understanding - Does a call centre worker make phone calls or talk to customers face to face? Phone calls. Are call centre workers cheap or expensive to employ? Cheap.

Detailed reading for specific information (4-5 minutes) • To have Ss focus on specific information relating to the text.

T asks Ss to continue reading the whole text, this time looking for specific information relating to Reading & Speaking. Q2. Page 54. T reads out the questions Ss should answer individually after reading the text. T asks ICQ's relating to the task. - Which questions are we looking to answer? Should you do this individually or as a pair/group?

Feedback (2-5 minutes) • To have Ss check their answers in pairs, and then as a whole class ensuring Ss comprehension of the text.

Once Ss have individually answered the questions relating to the text, T asks Ss to check their answers and discuss as a pair/group. T then has Ss answer relating questions (page 54. Reading & Speaking. Q2) as a WC, asking Ss how they came to that conclusion. What did the Ss read in the text to make them come to this answer?

Controlled Task (2-3 minutes) • To have Ss use the TL (job/work) in the correct context.

Move the topic to the specific words of job and work. Ask Ss for an example, using the words job and work. Ask Ss if work is countable or uncountable? Uncountable. Refer Ss to the exercise (Extend your Vocabulary. P54). Ask Ss to complete the 5 questions using job, jobs, or work. Monitor Ss as they complete the task. Have Ss check answers in pairs. Check answers as a WC.

Semi-controlled task (4-6 minutes) • To have Ss discuss their own experiences in the workplace, encouraging use of the TL.

T asks Ss about their own experiences in the workplace. Have they been to a job interview? What is the minimum wage? Do you know anyone who works night shifts? What is a good starting salary in their opinion? (Refer to Vocabulary, page 54. Q2.) Have Ss discuss their experiences as a group. Ask one Ss to take notes (not sentences or paragraphs) about the conversation. Monitor the Ss and take note of any misuse of the TL.

Feedback (2-4 minutes) • To address any mistakes noticed and to get general FB regarding the previous task.

T asks the note taker (chairman, secretary) to briefly tell the whole class what they found out. T writes any troublesome phrases on the board, eliciting corrections from the Ss themselves and making corrections where necessary (maximum 3).

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