Sana Sana

TP 4
Elementary level


In this lesson SS will practice can/could/was/were in the context of describing past ability. SS will also revise can for ability, to practice listening for specific information


Abc Pictures of myself
Abc Sound track
Abc Cut-out questions
Abc Handout
Abc Posters with hand written sentences
Abc Interview questions and chart

Main Aims

  • To practise can/could/was/were in the context of describing past ability

Subsidiary Aims

  • To revise can for ability, to practise listening for specific information


Stage 1 (4-8 minutes) • To set the context of the use of can/could and was/were

Show two images of myself two in the past and one in the present. Ask the SS to give sentences first using was/were. example "I was nine months old." "I was in Lebanon in 2009." Elicit from the SS how can they form sentences to those answers. Then show another picture of things I was able to do. I couldn't speak English when I was two. I can speak a little French. Ask SS to formulate the questions.

(2-4 minutes) • To check sounds and stress where appropriate when forming questions

T repeat questions fingure count and then play audio. SS are asked to drill and repeat and make the sound of was. T show how to make the contractions and why ? SS also use contraction to formulate the questions.

Stage 2 (7-9 minutes) • To ensure that the form is clear SS order a sentence

SS are given word card of questions and they need to put it in order then find the correct answer considering the correct form

(7-9 minutes) • To read questions and write answers about the past and present

Demonstrate the activity and give an example by asking a student to answer SS are given a handout to fill in the information about past and present T monitors and checks the answers

Stage 3 (5 minutes) • To listen and fill out gaps using was,were,weren't or couldn't

Demonstrate the activity Play the audio SS answer th gap fills T shows an asnwer key on the WB

(12-15 minutes) • To interview each other and take notes using a question "Where were you ...?"

T ask about the word "interview" Elicit and then demonstarte the activity T-S,S-S,open pairs SS leave their seats and mingle with each other collecting information about three students in their class. T listen for any errors and note it down for the next stage

Stage 4 (5 minutes) • To note error if found and have a round up

T discuss errors and have a round up of the lesson

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