Murat Murat

Teaching Plan 5
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will listen to reflections from five different collectors about their collections. Lesson will start with introducing the class to some realia, little things that I collect. Then, they will talk about what they think about collections, what they or people they know collect. After that sts will do the listening task, answer the related questions. The lesson will end with practising the student's production skill, speaking.


Abc Realia
Abc Audio for the listening exercises
Abc Hand-outs photocopied from the Student's Book

Main Aims

  • To improve listening skills by listening to recorded audio in the context of collectors.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To learn lexis related to the listening task.
  • To practice speaking skills.


Creating awareness • To let sts share ideas on what they do, how they do it
Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To generate interest on the subject and activate schemata

I will show the students a few items that I kept over the years, I will present these items as if I like to collect old things. I will ask them to try to guess why these items are important to me, then I will tell the stories of the items that I brought. At the end of this stage sts will be interested in the subject and they will want to talk about it.

Pre-listening (10-12 minutes) • To introduce the sts to the lexis and get them ready for the listening task

- Sts will be asked to match the phrases to the photos. PW, 2 minutes, feedback WC - T will introduce the sts to the lexis - Sts will discuss the 2 questions after the matching exercise. PW, 3 minutes, feedback WC - Sts will ask 3 of their friends the following 3 questions. Mingle, 3 minutes, for feedback sts fill in the chart on the board

While listening (10-15 minutes) • To perform the listening task

- Sts listen to the audio and match the pictures to the collectors they listen to. Individual, 5 minutes, feedback first peer checking then WC - Sts listen to the audio to answer to the questions below the matching task. Individual, 5 minutes, feedback first peer checking then WC

Post listening (5-7 minutes) • To engage sts with the TL

- Sts discuss the last two questions after the listening task. PW, 5 min, feedback WC

Flexi Stage (10-12 minutes) • To have a fun activity during which sts will practice the TL

- Everyone will be in groups of 3. - One student will be chosen from each group. - The chosen member will be given an object to describe and a piece of paper on which it has words the describer can not use while describing the object they have. - The describers will sit apart from their friends. - Describers will be given one minute to think about how they will describe their object. - Each group will come together after the 1 min describers had, and in front of the class the 2 sts in the group will try to understand what the object is in 1 minute. - The winning group's members get 1 Australian coin each.

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