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Future continuous / Future Perfect
B1 level


In this lesson Ss will practice future tenses in the context of “Making plans for the rest of the year”


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Main Aims

  • To reinforce speaking and writing skills using future tenses.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process and product


Activating schemata • To see introduce TL of future tenses, with a chain writing exercise.

Explain the task, Ss will complete a text about Toby. Background: Toby is a young boy who has had a problem but now things are looking better and by next month his problem will be over. Exercise will activate creative writing skills using various tenses to create a story. Using one sheet of paper start a text with the words “By next month Toby’s dilemma will have finally finished...”, instruct the students to write 1-2 words at a time until a paragraph has been completed. Text can be as incoherent and silly as they want.

Clarification of TL using a timeline • To clarify TL and the differences between the two.

Using a timeline to show the difference between the Future Continuous and Future Perfect.

Semi controlled Practice • To use the TL in a receptive skills activity

Gap fill of" How we will be living in 20 years..." display extracts, drill pronunciation of TL in extracts, Ss complete the text using extracts. Ss will work alone and then in pairs to compare answers. Then WCF, with Ss reading out loud with correct answers so they can check their answers.

Production • Ss will produce the TL

Ss will write sentences in Future Cont and Future perfect using Holy Week as a future time marker.

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