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Taking Risks
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about idioms that have some element of risk taking and gambling in it.


Abc Lotto
Abc Gamble
Abc Rock Climbing
Abc Student Book Hand-outs
Abc Horse Racing

Main Aims

  • To provide a clear understanding of the meaning of idioms, that deal with risk.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide definitions and use cases.


Warm up & Lead-in (8 minutes) • Break the ice

Wish the students a good morning by saying "good morning, friends" in Turkish. State that we missed you yesterday, even the ones that didn't show up and asked if they had a nice break. Write on the board the topic of the lesson: "Idioms (Taking risks) ask the class, what are idioms. (They are expressions that help to describe a exact situation in a precise way, often in a witty (creative) way. Ask CCQ Is "Break a leg" an idiom? yes; it means 'good luck' what about, "To add insult to injury" Yes; It means 'to make a situation worse' Show rock climbing picture and ask the students what is it. Rock climbing Ask CCQ Is this dangerous? Yes could his life be in danger? Yes Would you say he's doing something _______? Risky Is putting your life in risk, a good thing? N

Pre-Teach (5 minutes) • Introduce key words that appear in Vocabulary exercise 1

Put 3 photos on the board. Gamble, Horse Racing and Lotto Put the students in groups and ask them to discuss what they think the photos represent. Instruct them they have 2 minutes. Ask CCQ are you going to write? No are we going to talk with our group? Yes howmuch time do you have? 2 minutes Ask each group what the photo are Elicit questions

Matching Task 1 (12 minutes) • To provide the students with a task to see if they understand idioms

State instructions Students should match the phrases in BOLD in the sentences 1-6 to the definitions in a-f. You are going to do this alone They have 5 minutes to complete it. Ask CCQ Are you going to match the bold word in 1-6 to the definitions in a-f? Yes Are you gonna do this in groups? No, Alone How much time do you have? 5 minutes Assign students to pair and instruct them to compare they have 2 minutes Ask CCQ Are you gonna work in pairs? Yes What are you gonna do? Compare answers How much time do you have? 2 minutes Go over answers with class

Peer Discussion (15 minutes) • To provide a free discussion with peers

Put the students in pairs, again Give them instructions: You will discuss and answer the question 2 You have 8 minutes Ask CCQ Are you going to do this alone? No, in pairs Are you going to answer 2? Yes How much time do you have? 8 minutes Go over the student answers with class.

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