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Daily English - Upper Intermediate - Advanced
Upper Intermediate - Advanced level


This week, the learner will learn and practice "Daily Speech and Common Phrases - Living Abroad". The learner will practice via real life experiences and observing the surrounding. The aim is to improve grammar and use the target language appropriately and expand the vocabulary knowledge while doing so. They will begin by planning their day using the target language and will spend minimum 2 hours a day, doing various activities in the city to practice the target language. Then the student will be asked to keep a written or a video journal to present to his/her teacher at the end of the month and this will be their "Dear Diary" assessment. The written journal will allow the teacher to assess the student's grammar and writing skills and the video journal will allow the grammar and speaking skill to be assessed. The student will be asked to talk about what he/she learned, liked, disliked, where they went and visited and what they did.


Abc Objects and places around
Abc The Outdoor Surroundings

Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice via casual conversation in the context of "daily speech and activities in London".

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of unknown words and phrases that are used in everyday speech via real life examples.


Warm Up (1-10 minutes) • To activate student's schemata and build the context

The lesson will begin, continue and end in English. The level of the student is higher , therefore switching to the first language will not be allowed. If the student starts having problems with the lexis, the topic of the conversation, the teacher will explain the concept in English.

Lead In (1-20 minutes) • To set lesson context and create a bond with the Target Language

The Teacher will use phrase words and challenging vocabulary to see how much the student can understand and also to encourage him/her to use it in daily speech. They will be using words and phrases parallel to the daily activities they do so that a bond can be created between the student and the context.

Exposure and clarification (1-10 minutes) • To concept check and to further prepare the student for the following activity.

The teacher will then stop leading the student and will allow him/her to plan a daily activity on his/her own where using the target language will be the main objective.

Highlight (1-10 minutes) • To prepare the student to study and use the Target Languge

The Teacher will then make a different activity offer and will ask the student to state his/her opinion. It will also be expected from the student to ask questions to the teacher they can practice "decision making and expressing an opinion".

Production (1-30 minutes) • To allow the student to use the Target Language - Transportation

The student will be in charge of choosing the location and how to get there. He/she will be asked to choose a public transportation to use and will be expected to read the directions written/shown (example application suggestion: using City Mapper) The teacher will be ready to help out the student any time he/she needs. The teacher will also propose playing a a game such as; "guess the action, last letter game (finding a word with the last letter of the previous one), .." to practice English in a fun way.

Production 2 (1-40 minutes) • To allow the student to use the Target Language - Activity

The student will be in charge of the activity and if he/she is confident enough, will also be the one to communicate with the people around them. If the student is lacking self confidence regarding interacting with others, the teacher steps in and they build the conversation together. The student will be expected to engage in conversation with at least one person by the end of the day.

Assessment • Final Project - Dear Diary / Hear Me Out

This is the assessment stage where the student is expected to create a project called "Dear Diary" or "Hear Me Out" by the end of the course. "Dear Diary" is where the student keeps a diary and writes down what he/she liked in general, the activities he/she did, the places he/she visited and what he/she liked or disliked along with the reasons why. The aim is to practice written English and to be able to assess what is learned so far or where the problematic areas are. "Hear Me Out" is a project in the same concept of "Dear Diary", the only thing different is that the student will be speaking instead of writing.

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