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TP Number 7
B1 level


In this lesson, firstly, students are going to practice reading for gist in the context of informal letters as the sub aim and later writing using process writing as the main aim. They will also deal with some draft copy writing to brainstorm what they are going to write about.


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Main Aims

  • For Ss to practice process writing in the context of informal letters and also for Ss to practice draft writing in the same context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For Ss to practice reading for gist individually and reading for detail in pairs in the context of informal letters.


Lead-in/Warmer (5-7 minutes) • To set the context and lead the Ss into the main aim.

Ask the following questions: 1- Who uses the Internet? 2- Why do you use the Internet? When you have elicited the answer "e-mail" ask these questions: 3- Why do you use e-mails? 4- What kind of language do you use in e-mails? When eliciting has finished, show an informal e-mail on the board and ask them to read it quickly. Ask these questions: 1- Is it an e-mail? 2- Is it formal or informal? 3- Is it to a friend or to a company? 4- Do we use informal language in writing work letters? Answers must be elicited and the teacher must never ever repeat the answers.

Reading for gist and specific information (5-7 minutes) • For Ss to skim and scan the piece of writing.

The first HO is given to Ss on which there is an e-mail and they are asked to skim it quickly and individually in 1 minute to understand the gist. A quick student-centered feedback must be run in which they talk to a partner about the gist. In another time slot, 3 minutes, ask them to read it again and this time pay attention to the underlined phrases. After finishing, ask Ss to check them with their partners.

Writing the draft copy (10-12 minutes) • For Ss to brainstorm about what they are going to write.

The second HO will be given.There are 5 questions on them by which Ss are provided with the main parts of their own final copy. They need to answer these questions using the underlined collocations on the previous HO in order to use them on their final version. It should be done individually in 5 minutes and then they should swap their pages and check each others' answers in another 5 minutes. A high level of simple and clear ICQs is necessary, however, do not forget not to repeat the answers. It is a very good idea to demo what they are going to write in advance.

Writing the final copy (15-17 minutes) • For Ss to practice producing their own piece of writing using the presented material.

The final HO is handed in. Ss are asked to write their fair copy of their writing using the previous HO in 15 minutes. Be careful about the ICQs. While writing the teacher helps if necessary otherwise he/she must turn around the classroom and take notes of the Ss mistakes silently. After finishing ask them to stand up and stick their productions on the board.

Follow-up (5-10 minutes) • To make the feedback more student-centered.

When everyone's piece of writing is over, ask them to stand up and stick their pieces on the board so that everyone can read. Ask them to read each others' products carefully and see if he/she has used the phrases they have already read. The teacher must monitor and check their pieces to make sure there is no mistake in them. It could be done while they are writing by taking notes down.

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