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Teaching Practice 3 - Young Learners
Beginners, A1, 10 years old level


In this lesson, Ss learn to talk about teenagers` life. The lesson starts with an introduction of common verbs (live, go, play, love, like) and means of transportation. This is followed by reading and understanding three texts describing four teenagers` life in different parts of the world.


Abc Famous Turkish person Flashcard

Main Aims

  • to read and understand short texts describing teenagers` life in different parts of the world

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide speaking practice in the context of teenagers` life (eliciting from a picture, running dictation, FSW, short dialogues)


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set lesson context

1 Greet Ss, check the classroom arrangement, fill in the register 2 T pretends not to know famous Turkish singer Tarkan and asks Ss` help to find out. `Who is he? Is he Spanish? Does he live in Istanbul? Does he go home by bus? or on foot? T writes on the WB model sentences (He lives in Istanbul, He goes home by car, He is a rock singer)

Pre-reading stage (4-6 minutes) • to prepare Ss for the text and make it accessible

1 Predict who the teenagers in the pictures are: T elicits`Look at these pictures. Who can you see? How old is he/she? What is his/her nationality? Is he/she happy? What is that (medal) called? Where does he/she live?` T writes some of the info on the WB.

While-reading stage (7-8 minutes) • to provide Ss with less challenging gist and specific information reading tasks

1 T asks Ss to match the texts 1-3 to the pictures A-C in pairs (PW) (HO ex 1) (T writes picture A__ B__ C__ on the WB to help the comprehension of the task) Ss write the answers on the WB. 2 T groups Ss in small groups and assigns different questions (HO ex 2) Each group gives the answers to the rest of the class. T is silent unless needed.

While-reading stage 2 (9-10 minutes) • to provide Ss with more challenging tasks about the text

1 (Information gap) Each Ss gets a different question about the text. In groups of 3, in turns one reads his/her question, the others find the answer and write it on their papers. SET 1 (green Qs-text 1): Has Chen got a pet? Is Chen a good runner? Does Chen play the guitar? (extra question: Does Chen go to school on foot?) SET 2 (red Qs-text 2): Is Merve Turkish? Has Merve got a rabbit? Does Merve live in Washington? (extra question: Is Merve 13 years old) SET 3 (blue Qs-text 3): Are Casey and Marc American? Have Casey and Marc got a dog? Do Casey and Marc go to school on foot? (extra question: Do Casey and Marc love pets?) 2 T asks Ss to write under each character 2 positive sentences (if time allows: otherwise T is going to give FB). (Chen is a good runner, Chen plays the guitar) (Merve is Turkish, Merve is thirteen years old) (Casey and Mark are American, Casey and Marc love pets)

Post-reading stage (9-11 minutes) • to provide an opportunity to personalise the vocabulary of the three texts

1 FSW: Ss ask and answer questions related to themselves. T monitors and takes notes of the errors. 2 Delayed error correction on the WB (start with positive examples)

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