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Reported Speech and Say and Tell
Intermediate level


In this lesson the topic of coincidences is continued through the practice of reported speech. The lesson starts with a quick review of last lesson's reported speech in the form of a game. In their respective groups (of four) students will have to mime the actions they choose from the cards and turn them into reported speech. Following will be exercises that put their knowledge to the test by completing a gap-fill story and pairwork writing exercise. Next, the students will review the use and function of verbs 'say' and 'tell', which then will give way for a gap-fill exercise and the closing activity.


Abc Audio CD
Abc Gap-fill Handout, Whiteboard

Main Aims

  • To provide a review on reported speech and teach the use and function of the verbs 'say' and 'tell'.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop the students' reading and writing skills through exercises.


Warm up: What was said (8-12 minutes) • To give a chance for the ss to review and get comfortable with reported speech before tackling the exercises. Ss will listen and write down a sentence which they later report back to the class.

Each student gets a sentence. Student A reads out their sentence to the whole class, others write it down. Student B reads out their sentence to the whole class, others write it down and this continues until all of the sentences have been read out. A student will be picked at random to report what one student said. The response will be corrected as appropriate, presenting /eliciting the form. This will be repeated with another student until the end of the activity.

Primer: Reported speech gap-fill handout (3-5 minutes) • To give students a chance to review and get comfortable with reported speech before tackling the exercises.

T will share gap-fill handout with the students. Ss will be instructed to complete the blank spaces with the appropriate verbs or pronouns. Answers will be checked as a whole class.

Exercise 1: (3-5 minutes) • Ss will complete the story using the past simple versions of the conversation and change the sentences into reported speech.

Ss will read the first part of the story. Then they will read the rest of the story below it (in past simple). CCQ may be helpful: "What did Anthony H find"? "Where did he find it? "Where did Feifer see Hopkins? Using the second part of the story ss will then complete it with reported speech.

Exercise 2: (3-5 minutes) • Ss will choose four of the six given celebrities of whom they will have to pretend to be and answer the questions given to them. Using reported speech ss will focus on their writing skills.

Ss will be given six celebrities of which they will have to choose four from. Once they have chosen their celebrities they will read the questions and answer them anyway they like using reported speech. The second part of the exercise will have the students get in pairs: Student A will tell student B the question they asked along with the answer the famous person gave

Vocabulary: Say and Tell (4-6 minutes) • To introduce the lexis used in reported speech such as 'say' and 'tell' and provide them an understanding of how and when to use them.

Teacher will tell the class a joke: Why was the world's best footballer asked to tidy up his room? ----> Because he was Messi! T will then elicit what he just did from the students. T will draw a diagram listing words that follow the word 'Tell' T, then asks why the word 'say' isn't used for jokes. T clarifies the reason and draws another diagram with words that follow the word 'say'. Students will differentiate the use of 'tell' and 'say' and read the sentences in 1a In pairs students will fill out the gaps in 1a with either 'say' and 'tell' Answers will be checked whole class.

Vocabulary: 2 (2-5 minutes) • To brainstorm and find phrases that correspond with either 'tell' or 'say'

T will draw spider map for 'Say' and 'Tell' and try to elicit phrases from the students before writing examples down. T will clarify the meaning and function of phrases unknown to learners.

Vocabulary: 3 (5-10 minutes) • Ss will be paired up and be asked to create a Q&A dialogue with their partner to further anchor taught vocabulary.

Ss will be asked to get in pairs Each pair will ask and answer eight questions from exercise 1a. Pairs will take turns to ask and answer the questions.

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