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In this lesson, Ss will learn various vocabulary words about countries and nationalities. They will listen to recordings, complete worksheets and play games.


Abc Handout- page 9 ex. 4A-B
Abc 6 pictures of Spanish famous people, sport and dance
Abc Audio CD Track / 4C-R1.2
Abc Audio CD Track / 5A-1/R1.3
Abc Handout- page 9 ex. 5A-2/3
Abc Handout- page 9 ex. 4D
Abc Handout- page 9 ex. 7A-B
Abc 3 sets of some scrambled letters
Abc Handout- page 152 ex. 1B
Abc a picture (about France)
Abc a picture (about France)

Main Aims

  • Ss will learn vocabulary of countries and nationalities in the context of some countries' famous people, sports, food, etc.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will practise the vocabulary of countries and nationalities and produce new vocabulary to describe the countries by Listening & Speaking.


Greeting (6-7 minutes) • To see if ss remembers T.

T will tell ss that they are going to play a game and divide the class into three groups of 4 ss (named as 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups). Then, she will introduce the game to the ss by giving instructions as below: - Do you remember what my name is? What are my two jobs? Secretary, actress,..? I have some letters in my hand (in order for them to get what 'letter' means, showing some letters on a few pieces of paper). Find the answers and post (write) them on the board (divided into three columns by T) with these letters. (T will repeat the questions) Come to the board and talk to your friends in your group to find and write the correct answers on the board.

Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and engage the ss

T will post a painter's picture on the board and the ss will work as a WG. T: Who is he, where is he from? (pointing the picture) S: ......(Few ss might recognize him) T: Let's look at four other pictures about his country (showing the pictures of dance of flamenco and sport of bullfighting, two famous actors. T will elicit name of the country from the ss.) S: Spain. T: He is from Spain so his nationality is .....? If no answer from the ss, then T will give an example. - 'I'm from Turkey and my nationality is Turkish, I'm Turkish. He is from Spain, his nationality is ......? He is ......?' (by elicitation) S: Spanish!

Task 1 (5-6 minutes) • To introduce country and nationality vocabulary to the ss and to make them recognize the suffixes emerging in the word endings of nationalities.

T will write two headings 'country and nationality' on the board. T: Is Spain a country or a nationality? S: Country! (Spain to be written under the country by T) T: What's its nationality form? S: Spanish! (Spanish will be written under the nationality / T will underline the suffix- ish. T: See there are some countries here (by chesting the handout) and you write the nationalities here (pointing the nationality column). Work with your friend. (T pair ss and deliver the handouts) You have 3 min! T will monitor and check. Then WGFB will be made. T: Do you see your country there? S: No. T: Then write your country and nationality there also.

Task 2 (3-4 minutes) • To let ss listen a recording and practise pronouncing countries and nationalities.

T will do an example and will write 'Turkey' on the board. T: When we say 'Turkey', which part is stressed, strong? (by saying and underlining 'Tur’) Then T will write 'Turkish' on the board. T: When we say 'Turkish', which part is stressed, strong? (by saying and underlining 'Tur') T: Listen to a recording and mark/underline (by showing on the board) the stressed/strong part of countries/nationalities in the ex.4A (to be pointed by T). Work alone. T will pause after the first one and ensure ss have understood what to do. Peer checking will be made and WGFB will be given.

Task 3 (8-9 minutes) • To get more familiar with different suffixes in nationality vocab.

Ss will complete nationality forms (provided with suffixes) of the countries. T: (By pointing the table) See there are countries here and complete / write their nationalities here (pointing the related spaces). For example: the country Egypt / its nationality (to be elicitated) ..... Egyptian! Work alone, you have 3 min! -T will monitor a little then divide the board into three columns (1st group, 2nd group and 3rd group) T will divide the ss into 3 groups of 4 ss. - Check / Compare your answers in 3 min! Each group will come to the board to write the answers (6 nationalities for each group). T: 1st group (by pointing the group on her right), write first 6 nationalities; 2nd group (by pointing the group in the middle), write the other 6 nationalities starting with Korea; 3rd group (by pointing the group on her left), write last 6 nationalities starting with Portugal. T will correct the mistakes if any.

Controlled Practice (4-5 minutes) • To make ss practise the countries and nationalities vocabulary

T will play a ball game with WG. Ss will stand in a circle and T will demo. T will say a country name and throw the ball to a S. The S will catch the ball and says the nationality. The same S will then say a country and throw the ball to another S who will catch and say the nationality. T will give immediate correction of pronunciation.

Task 4 (3-3 minutes) • To introduce ss more about some countries.

Ss will do a 'countries quiz- Hear it, see it, taste it!'. T will use her body language and ask ss to point their ears, eyes and tongue to make the title of the quiz clearer. T: (by pointing her ear) Music? Do I see it or hear? (will elicite 'hear'), (by pointing tongue) food? Do I hear it or taste? (will elicite 'taste') - (by pointing her eyes) the board? Do I taste with my eyes or see? (will elicite 'see') - See ex.1. You will listen to 4 pieces of music. (By pointing the quiz), see there are also 4 countries. Match (with body language) the music with its country. Peer check will be made and WGFB will be given. T will elicit the answers from the ss and write them on the board.

Freer Practice (5-5 minutes) • To let ss practise what they have learnt

T: What do you remember about Spain? (bullfighting and flamenco are popular. There are some famous actors, artists, etc.) (By posting Eiffel Tower on the board) Look at this picture, what is it? S: Eyfel Kulesi (English version to be written on the board by T) T: Where is it, which country? S: France Good! We are going to play a game! T: Write the names of 2 countries, and their famous/popular things (like artist, places, sports, etc.) but don't tell your friends the countries' names. You have 2 min. -ICQ: How many countries are you writing? Are you going to say the names of your countries to your friends? - T will divide into pairs, monitor and check they are on task. T- Now, tell your partner about famous/popular things of your countries. WGFB will be made by asking who knew the countries correctly and which countries they are.

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