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Reading middle school
8 grade level


Demo lesson plan for reading in middle school grade 8


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Main Aims

  • To encourage students to make predictions and inferences based on the information they have;

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve reading speed, fluency and pronunciation. To figure out the meaning of words from the context.


Before reading (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students; To encourage the students to predict and make inferences about what will happen next;

Tell the students you are going to read a story together. Tell them the title and if available cover of the book or a relevant illustration. What is the book/story about?Ask the students to turn to a partner and discuss for 2 minutes trying to make predictions about the book. When they are finished ask a few pairs to tell you their ideas.

During reading (8-12 minutes) • To make predictions and inferences based on the information they have up to one point. Sub-aim: to develop reading speed, fluency and intonation;

Tell the students you will go around the classroom and they will take turns reading the story aloud. Model for speed, intonation and pronunciation by reading the opening paragraph yourself. Tell the students you will stop them from time to time and ask them to predict what will happen next. Go around the class and have the students read short passages from the text and stop them and encourage them to think creatively about the story. What will happen next ? What will character X do? Is character Y doing the right thing? etc. Alternative: If the class is too big, divide them into smaller groups and have them read the story aloud in their own group. Move between groups to stop them and check reading comprehension and ask them to make predictions.

After reading (3-7 minutes) • To practice reading comprehension and check their predictions;

Ask reading comprehension questions relevant to the story. Why did the character do that? What could've happened if the did..?

Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To try to guess the meaning of words from the text; To promote group work;

Ask the students to have a look at the text and to underline 3 to 5 new words. Put the students into groups of 2 or 3 and ask them to work together and try to guess the meaning of the words from the text. Walk around the class and observe the students, steering them on the right direction if they misunderstand some words. When they are finished, allow the students to compare their work with others. Ask volunteers to give you some examples of new words, their meaning and if time allows a short sentence.

Follow-up and/or homework (10-12 minutes) • To build on a receptive skill with a productive activity;

The read-aloud activity could be followed by other activities such as: Role-play You can put the students in pair or groups and have them create a dialogue between 2-3 characters from the story. Allow them 8-12(or more, depending on their level) minutes to write the dialogues and then ask them to role-play it. Model the activity with another students and 2-3 lines you wrote and focus on intonation and expressiveness. Continue the story/alternate ending If you haven't finished the story, ask the students to work in groups and think about what they would like to happen next and continue the story with a few other paragraphs(depending on their ability). If you finished the whole story, ask the students to think up an alternative ending to the story. Select a few students to read aloud their work.

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