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TP 2
beginner level


This lesson will help students to ask and answer questions about ages.It will help them as well with numbers 20-100.


Abc Hand outs
Abc Straightforward Beginner PP 32-33
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Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice functional language for asking and answering questions about ages.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening and speaking tasks to help students use the two skills to practice.


warmer (7-10 minutes) • to set lesson context and to engage students through game

* greet the students * get the new students names and use them. * write 1 ... 3 ............6 .........................10, to elicit numbers 1-10 * give clear model of pronunciation and ask students to repeat chorally and individually. * sts might have a problem with the sound /w/ in (one ) and say it as /v/ * hand students number word scramble HO *work in pair to get the reorder the letters *check as WC

introduction to numbers (5-7 minutes) • to set lesson context and to engage students

* I will stick on the left side of WB six photos of well know Turkish and International people and things and on the opposite side of WB I will write randomly six numbers. * Put students in two groups and they match people and things to numbers. * check with the whole class and give key answer

exposure (10-12 minutes) • to check sts how to spell numbers

* hand out the worksheet which include numbers 20, 30 , ......,100 * Sts have to listen to numbers and repeat chorally and individually. * Then hand out a sheet and sts in pairs need to mach words and numbers. * check with WC. * sts listen and repeat chorally and individually * put sts in 2 or 3 groups and give one student a piece of paper with different numbers. He/she will dictate numbers to the rest of the group.

pronunciation (7-10 minutes) • to focus on how to place stress on numbers end with ---teen and --ty

* write 13 , 30 on WB and give a model. Drill around the class chorally and individually. * mark the stress on 13 and 30. * sts look at the rest numbers on the text book and listen to CD and repeat. * I write numbers end with --teen under A and numbers __ty under B. I put sts in pairs. I say a number from the pair and sts have to choose the correct one. * Drill the numbers again. chorally and individually.

Listenting practice (7-10 minutes) • to match pictures to conversations and fill in missing words in sentences

* sts look at four different pictures. * elicit some vocabulary by asking what they can see. *provide some vocabulary support for the listening. *sts listen to the CD and match pictures with conversations. * check answers with class * IF TIME provide students with Language note * elicit what 7 days make. = a week 24 hours = a day ...etc

exposure of the functional language (7-10 minutes) • to get students ask and answer questions about ages

* point at the car in the picture in the previous exercise and say the car is forty five years old and elicit the question " How old is it? " . * students in pairs listen to the CD and then practice the questions and answers. * give a model and sts repeat chorally and individually. * sts look at pictures and check their understanding Use he or it ) * check their understanding. * sts listen to the CD and repeat

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