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Copy of The forms of requests and offers-Face 2 Face
Elementary-U4C(6-11) level


In this lesson , Ss will be introduced with the forms of request and offer.They'll listen to a conversation between a waiter and the customers and will practice it through role-playing.They'll also be accustomed to the polite ways of requesting and will practice the stress and polite intonation while requesting and offering.


Abc The HOs of menu
Abc HOs of the SB pg.138 face2face
Abc a packet of chocolate
Abc T. made list of words and phrases on the cartoon
Abc Hos Of U4C 7a pg.35 face2face
Abc CD (track 4.11) face2face U4C
Abc Cd (track4.10) face 2 face U4C

Main Aims

  • To provide the Ss practice the forms of request and offer in the context of a conversation between a waiter and customers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice speaking for fluency and listening for details in the context of a conversation at a restaurant.


Warmer/Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage Ss

T will eat a piece of chocolate & offer the Ss and ask the if they would like to eat some. T'll elicit the answers from the Ss. " Would you like a piece of chocolate?" "Yes. I would like some." "No,thank you."

Pre-listening (2-4 minutes) • To prepare the Ss for the text

T shows the picture of the waiter and the customer. She elicits the meanings of these two new words.T ask Ss whether or not they like eating out and what they would like to eat?

Exposure (7-9 minutes) • To provide the context for the target language through listening

T tells Ss that they'll listen to typical questions that a waiter asks in a restaurant. She gives the HOs and asks them to fill in the gaps wıth the words in the box. She plays the recording and Ss check their answers. T tells the Ss that they'll listen to a conversation between a waiter and a customer. She hands them out the text of the conversation & divides the class into two groups.She prepares two different version of HOs omitting the different parts of the speeches.She wants the groups to fill in the gaps.She plays the recording.After the Ss fill in the gaps.They listen to recording again,swap their papers and check their answers.Then T gives straps of speeches to the Ss and asks them to stick them on the W/B in order. (Feedback: Answer key)

Focus on Meaning (3-5 minutes) • To draw Ss' attention to the meaning and use of TL

T asks Ss to underline the request and offer sentences in the conversatıon. She elicits the sentences from the Ss and write them on the W/B. (Feedback : Eliciting the sentences)

Focus on form (4-6 minutes) • To clarify the form of TL

T writes request and offer sentences on the W/B. T elicits the form of the modal sentences on board. What's this? Is this a verb? Request Can I have a bottle of water please ? I would like to have a sandwich. + noun +to+infinitive Offer What would you like to drink? Would you like a sandwich? +to+infinitive + noun

Focus on pronunciation (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the phonological features of of the target language

T drills the features of phonology and highlights accented words in the sentences. T do drilling with the chunks. Ss drills: 1-Would 2- Would you 3- Would you like 4- Would you like a coffee While they're drilling the sentences, t provides them to see where they will place the stress and to make the right intonation

Controlled Practice (2-4 minutes) • To practice the form of Target Language

T gives them the HOs and asks the to fill in the gaps in pairs.

Freer practice (5-8 minutes) • To provide the Ss with the free practice of the target language

T prepares a sample menu for the students. She divides the Ss into groups of three. One student plays the role of a waiter and the other two play the roles of customers.They practice the forms of request and offer. At the end a volunteer group make the role playing.

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