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Present Continuous - Elementary
Elementary level


In this lesson ss are introduce to present continuous tense. After eliciting target grammar and asking questions about the picture ss drill chorally, they will work in pairs. Ss encouraged to use target language. The lesson will end with a freer activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide ss practice of present continuous in the context of summer vacation and regular activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide ss vocabulary for actions.
  • to provide practice and increase ss’ fluency on using the target language.


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage ss.

1. Show pictures of Florida 2. Introduce family 3. Roleplay telephone conversation with dad 4. Give examples: my sister is swimming – my mother is walking in the park 5. Emphasize ‘now’ 6. CCQ: a. are talking about the past? b. are we talking about the future? c. is it a routine? 7. Elicit other answers from ss

Exposure (7-10 minutes) • To enable the ss to figure out the meaning and form of TL.

1. Write a sentence on the board. 2. Show timeline to reassure meaning. 3. Elicit negative form. And question form. Write on the board and highlight form. 4. Show full and short form. 5. Elicit form: what is the verb? (Swim) 6. Do we use -ing? (Yes) 7. What’s the subject? (She) 8. Write form on board: Subject + be + Verb + -ing 9. Elicit ”to be” verb (am/is/are): When do we use “is”? When do we use “are”? When do we use “am”? 10. Drill pronunciation.

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To enable ss to form correct sentences.

1. Give HO. 2. In pairs ss will fill ibn the gaps (1 min). 3. Write the answer key on the board. Ss check.

Free Practice (8-10 minutes) • To enable ss to use TL.

1. Ask ss to close eyes and think what their families or friends that are on vacation doing now? (music)(1min) 2. Ss stand up. Music plays when the music stops ss start to talk with nearest partner. 3. Monitor ss and write 5-6 sentences on the board. 4. Ask ss to find any mistakes and correct them on the board.

Flex Stage (5-8 minutes) • (If time permits) Getting used to -ing forms of verbs and “to be” verb. (am/is/are)

1. Gesture and elicit some words. Which are: play, walk, dance, eat, drink, swim, sit , talk 2. Ask them to write -ing forms on the board. 3. Check answer together. 4. Write subject in front of verbs 5. Elicit ‘be’ form (am/is/are) highlight full/short form. 6. Drill pronunciation.

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