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TP2 Listening
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice their Listening skill through several exercises where they will look for relevant information (gist activity), detailed information and new vocabulary.


Abc zoom session, audio 2.26 from ENGLISH FILE book
Abc google jamboard
Abc Google slides
Abc Google forms

Main Aims

  • To provide listening practice using a text about Shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about Shopping in the context of buying something that you've never worn


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • generate interest in the topic

• Greet the group,Talk about life before the lockdown, specifically activities such as shopping. Will share on the zoom’s chat the link to a jamboard that will be used at this point. And also share it on the screen for everyone to see. Then ask students about shopping, how often do you go shopping? Elicit answers from students and have them post them on the jamboard through sticky notes.

Vocabulary (6-7 minutes) • explain the challenging words marked on the text book

Ss will be advised that they will work on a Listening lesson, and the first task is vocabulary. T will share a link on zoom chat and on screen to a Google slides Presentation where they will see images on top and words on the bottom. So they can match the word to the image. • Ss will work individually to solve the mixed columns, and then in teams (breakout rooms) to compare their answers • Once the whole group is back on the main room, T will elicit the answers from each team. And check their responses.

Gist (6-7 minutes) • get the overall idea of the audio

T will share on screen a google forms where there will be related questions to the audio, where they will have to choose in which order are the items mentioned • T will share the audio for students to listen to. In case of any technical difficulties, the link to the audio will be shared so they listen to it individually. • After Ss finish listening to the audio and choosing their answers on the form, they will be sent to breakout rooms in teams to discuss their response • Ss will be asked to share their answers.

Listening for detail (8-10 minutes) • Looking for specific information throughout the audio

T will provide instructions about the following activity: will share on zoom chat the link to a google form where there will be several questions in regards of the audio. Ss will be asked to listen again the text and answer the questions. This is done individually. Ss will work in teams to check and compare answers. The whole class together, T will ask for their answers, if any team has different answer(s) than the others, they will be asked to tell why they chose that answer.

Pronunciation (4-6 minutes) • Ensure correct pronunciation

Once the students have heard the audio several times through gist and detailed listening, they will be able to identify the words in the slide. First identify them by sound individually and then do checking with their team. Finally check them with teacher.

Follow up (6-8 minutes) • Group reaction to the audio

T will share a jamboard on zoom chat and on the screen with questions about the audio. Ss will be asked to work in teams (breakout rooms) to answer those questions. T will observe each team and their answers.

OCFB & DEC (3-5 minutes) • Provide feedback on the previous task and delayed error correction.

Once the previous activity is over, T will ask for the Ss opinions on the questions answered. T shares on zoom board any mistakes heard on the previous activity, elicits correct answers and provides the right answer.

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