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TP 1- Past Simple (Be)
Elementary A2 level


In this lesson, students learn about the past simple of the verb 'be' (was/were) through the context of travel. Students practice the form of the past simple in the affirmative and negative and then work in groups to form questions using was/were. Finally, students use the sentences to communicate in pairs/small groups.


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with clarification, review and practice of was/were to talk about the past in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in freer speaking for fluency


Lead-in (8 minutes) • To engage Ss in the lesson and introduce the grammar

Ask students what they recall from the listening task. Elicit words and phrases (e.g. Toronto, cold, Montreal, two days) Write sentences on w/b and discuss meaning with Ss. CCQs: Are they in Montreal now? No Is the sentence in the past or present? Past Write sentences for negative with blanks. Ss work in pairs to work out the form. w/c feedback

Focus on Form (15 minutes) • To enable Ss to use the grammar in a controlled practice task

Ask Ss do ex. 1 in pairs. Monitor & help Ss with negative form if needed. w/c feedback (write sentences on w/b) Ask Ss to read ex. 2 for a minute. Work on ex.2 together. Allow Ss to work out & provide answers (write answers on w/b)

Focus on Pronunciation (2 minutes) • To give Ss an oral practice of grammar

Drill was/were wasn't/weren't from sentences. (Choral drill and individual drill)

Focus on Questions (Word Order) (7 minutes) • To allow Ss to work out the form of questions using the past simple was/were

Tell Ss they will be given cut-outs of a question and they should unjumble the words. Do Q.1 as an example Put Ss in small groups (groups of 3 or 4 max.) Monitor and help as needed, encourage Ss to communicate in English. When Ss are done, they come up and paste the cut-outs on w/b.

Focus on Questions (Q&A) (4 minutes) • To focus Ss on the form of questions and answers using the past simple was/were

Show Ss the cut-out answers to each question. Ask Ss to match the answer with the question. Nominate Ss accordingly. Drill 2 or 3 questions with Ss.

Speaking (6 minutes) • To give Ss controlled speaking practice and to allow communication in English

Ss practise asking and answering questions on w/b (from previous task) in same groups. Monitor and note any errors in pronunciation, language. w/c feedback as needed

Wrap-up (3 minutes) • To reiterate form and double-check Ss understanding

Write 2 or 3 sentences from WB page 25 ex.3. Make sure to write the wrong form of past simple. Ask Ss to correct the sentence.

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