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Elementary level


In this lesson students will identify opposite adjectives from a text. They will be reading about a page called houseswap.com. They will speaking about their house by using the adjectives they have learned.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading to find the places of the pictures in the book.
  • To provide gist reading by scanning the text about the meaning of swap.
  • To provide detailed reading to identify the sentence whether it's true or false.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of the word swap by doing the action, giving examples and asking CCQ.
  • To provide review the adjective words by making up a story and by miming them.


Lead in Stage 1 (5-8 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and rise an interest on the theme.

-T shows two different houses and says these are my house, This one is big, new, beautiful and quiet. This one is old, horrible and noisy. - T shows a picture of a house and asks a student to describe it like she did. - T tell students to be in pairs and talk about their own house. Please look at the picture and describe it. Now you are pairs, please talk about your house with your friend. Now can you tell me how is your friend's house? (Task Feedback) Would you like to swap houses with your friend? Swap houses=Houseswap So does houseswap mean to change houses? Yes Do you pay money for this? No

Vocabulary Review (5-8 minutes) • To prepare students for the reading exercise.

- SS look at the word in ex.1 and match the words with the opposite ones. - SS do a pair check. - WC check. CCQs: Is this a quiet class? Is this a new house? (showing a picture of an old.) Is this a big house? (showing a picture of a big house.)

Read For Gist 1 (3-5 minutes) • For students to identify the site houseswap.com and what it means.

- T asks SS to read the internet site text for the meaning of houseswap. -T gives 1 min for students to do the task. CCQs: Do they change their house? Are they going to pay money to stay in the house?

Read For Gist 2 (8-10 minutes) • For students to identify places of the picture.

- T asks SS to look at the pictures in page 33. - T asks to read and identify where the pictures are. - Where do you think is picture A,B,C,D? - T tells students there is one extra picture. - Students read and match the description to the pictures. - Check in pairs. - Check WC. Please read and match the pictures with writings here. (Showing the text)

Read For Detail (10-12 minutes) • For students to identify if the sentences are true or false.

- Students read same text again, this time in more detail they try to find if the sentences about the site houseswap.com are true or false with th exercise given in page 32 ex.3 -Students compare answers with pair. - T gives the answers. Now please, read and try to find if sentences are true or false? You have 5 mins. Are you going to work in pairs? No How many minutes do you have?

Post Reading • To get students to practice writing.

Ask SS to imagine they are millionares and think of their dream house. Ask them to write sentences about their new house. Eg. I live ib a big house. It's a lovely house, itsvery beautiful and clean.

Back-up Activity • To practice fluency

- SS work in pairs, talking about which house would they want to l stay for the holiday. You are working with your pair Tell your partner which house you prefer and why?

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