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Reading, Speaking fluency, Topic:Animals and pets, TP 2a
Upper-Intermediate, Level B2 level


In this lesson Ss will mainly engage in reading task followed by speaking activities in the context of animals and pets.Warming activity will be followed by gist and detail reading tasks. Considering that some vocab may be challenging, T is planning to pre-teach some vocab to support Ss comprehension.


Main Aims

  • Reading activity, reading for gist and detail
  • reading for gist and details

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice for fluency


Lead -in (3-5 minutes) • Ice-breaker, Ss gets ready for the coming activities and figures out what is going to be taught or presented, T aim is to creat interest considering that the main taks is reading activity which is not everytime interesting to Ss

In this part Ss will be asked to brainstorm looking at pics seeing animals there and figuring out what is common in all these pics, the pics will be followed by 2 questions ("How do people use animals?", "What is the role of animlas in our lives?") Without T involvement the Ss independently judges and gets ready to hear or see more about the topic

Pre- teach vocab (4-5 minutes) • In reading task there may be some unfamiliar words that can challenge Ss, Thus some key words are planned to be taught before the reading activity

The vocab will be written on the board and the SS will be asked to guess the meaning, T will provide definitions and close meaning words to guide them to brainstorm, explaining meanings, pronunciation which will be followed by drilling and and asking the part of speech they belong

Pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • to engage Ss to find out the general idea of the text without going into details

In this part, T will ask some questions like: Which animals do people keep as pets in your country? Has your family ever had any pets? If so, what? Do you think fish make good pets? Why? /why not? THEN: T will put Pics of Freddie Mercury and koi fish on the board asking ss to find the relation between them, If they have any information about Freddie or if they know the name of the fish, If they don't have any clue about the photos that will cause interest to read and see what the relation is

gist reading (5-6 minutes) • to grab the general idea of the reading

Ss will be asked questions about the text, before reading the SS will guess the answers even if they are not sure about them, then will have a quick reading(scanning/skimming) within set time. in pairs checking answers and T will FB,providing answers

Detailed reading (5-7 minutes) • to focus on details and find accurate answers to questions

figures will be put on the board , SS will individually do the task and then in pair/group check the answers , in thE end will receive FB from T

Post reading (4-5 minutes) • to engage ss in speaking and finalize the reading task

Would you like to own some koi? why/ why not? T is asking S the questions and s answers

Personalisation/ speaking (7-12 minutes) • practice speaking fluency

Which animal do you think make the best pet? A cat, a dog, a fish or a parrot, why ? find your reasons and and argue.. T divides ss into 4 teams: A, B ,C,D teams Each team support the animals mentioned above; each team choose their rep to come to the board and write thier reason shortly, in one word, then each team try to find some arguments to justify their points, In the end one of the group win having sound justification to their arguments

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