Zhale Zhale

Stuff lesson,plural and singular nouns
Starter,grade3,A1 level


In this lesson students learn about singular and plural nouns based on the vocabulary about the stuff in bag, The lesson starts with a discussion about the things are in the bag... this is followed by completing the nouns with(s)(plural Finally there is some controlled practics throgh sentenses in the end of the book


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Singular and plural nouns in the context of Stuff

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of Bags stuff in the context of Daily life


Review (5 minutes) • To review the grammer that have been taught in previous unit

Students join in 4 groups of 2 by chance (by cards) and fill the gaps in unit 1&2 (review)then reading their answers and check all of them

Test (5 minutes) • To evaluate the knowledge of students in grammer and also in vocabulary

Giving them some cards with the picture of various things(like some stuff in daily life or animals and etc) and ask them to write the plural form of the nouns

Teach (10 minutes) • To teach and clarify singular and plural nouns

Drawing a chart and write the nouns with diffrent ending in a column put (s,es,ves) at the end of the nouns. then go to page96(grammer bank)and playing the CD and descibe how this grammer works

Test (5 minutes) • To make sure if the students learn grammer and see how fluent they are

Ask students go to page 77(communication game) and memorise the stuff exist on that page then ask them close their book and tell the plural form of the stuff that they momorised

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