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Grade 3 level


In this lesson, students practice have-has got, there is-are and Wh questions focusing on speaking. The lesson starts with an introduction and getting-to-know activity. This is followed by focusing on the target language and listening activities. Finally there is a semi-controlled speaking activity to practice and produce the target language.


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Main Aims

  • To be able to practice have-has got, there is-are and Wh questions in the context of bedroom objects

Subsidiary Aims

  • To be better able to practise speaking in a conversation in the context of bedroom objects


Warm up (6-8 minutes) • to introduce myself

Introduce yourself, give Ss stickers to write their names and stick them on their uniforms. Present the PPT and say that the star gives 5 information about you and tell them to ask questions to guess what the words/numbers mean. Tell Ss to ask Yes/No quesitons. And the activity goes on this way till they find the meanings and learn about you.

Focus on the target language (8-10 minutes) • to practice speaking in target language

Show the picture of your room, introduce it by using the TL (there is-are, have-has got) and ask them what they see in the room, guide them to use the TL. When they say a sentence, ask to the whole class if they have got that item in their rooms and ask them to make a movement (like flick your finger, raise your right hand, tap your foot etc.) if they have it in their rooms.

Listening (9-11 minutes) • to listen and write/draw

Show the visuals and say that she is your friend and the room is hers. Show the HO and give instructions, tell Ss that they will listen about her room and write or draw the missing items. Tell them that they will listen twice. Start the audio, monitor the Ss. Let them do the pair-check, then show the answers on PPT by eliciting the answers.

Semi-controlled Practice (14-17 minutes) • to procude the TL in the context of questionnaire

Show Ss the HO and give instructions. Tell them that they will ask their deskmates the questions on the HO and write the answers. Demo the instruction and ask questions to check the instructions. Give them time limit and monitor the students. When they complete the task, ask the questions to the whole class, elicit the answers. If time permits, different pairs may come to the board and ask the quesitons to their friends.

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